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Prednisolone advice please?


My 2 year old has viral tonsilitis, nasty! It's triggered him quite badly :(

He's been prescribed prednisolone and I'm wondering how long it takes to work, any tips on hiding tablets, and should it completely eradicate a cough? His cough was so bad it made him vomit this morning ( cough variant type) but now it's just three or four coughs, no more coughing fits or coughing fits when moving/ talking. Is this the kind of improvement that would be expected? Really struggling to get this down him, he's spat out 3 loads already and refused to drink strong ribena with it mixed in x

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Would the tablets go down well with yoghurt?

I'm glad to hear his cough is better than it was.

Pred should be starting to work in 2 hours. The idea is that he should be back to normal asthma wise by the end of the course. and if not then back to docs.

I hope he gets better soon.


I found crushing tablets (as long as the instructions dont crush) and mixing with a real treat yogurt (like a chocolate one!!) worked a treat to get my son to take tablets when he was younger.

Good luck, its heartbreaking forcing meds in them they don't want but you know will help them!



I mean instructions don't say they can't be crushed, hope that makes sense!!!


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