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Breathless / Messed about by GP!

Hi there

I'm totally new to this forum, so I apologise if this has been covered.

Anyway, the basics of my story is as follows -

- was diagnosed as having Asthma when I was 5 and I'm allergic to dust mites / house dust

- I was on ventolin for years and years (now 39 years old)

- was put on Seretide 500 about 6 years ago as I found myself wheezy all the time

- everything was fine until early 2011, when I started to feel wheezy again and had a tight chest every day, I also started to cough up (white) phlegm which appears to settle my wheeze when I cough up

- I approached my GP at the start of this year, and they prescribed me Prednisolone, however, I only lasted 3 days on it as it really made me feel weird!

- after various calls to the doctor, they gave me singulair about 2 months ago, but sadly I couldn't sleep at all, so I stopped

- the doctor then gave me singulair again and told me to persevere with them ( 2 weeks ago)', however, once again I had problems sleeping and felt wired like being anxious so I stopped them

- explained this to my GP again, and he gave me Prednisolone (again)

- I then explained my reasons why I couldnt take them, and he said ""what do you think is wrong?"" & ""there's nothing else we can try!""

I'm at my wits end with this and don't know who else to talk to, so any advice would be great.

I meant to add, I've always got a cough and runny nose to (since early 2011)

Sorry to go on a bit.


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Sorry, I also meant to add, my peak flow is usually quite good.

However, I have a crackly wheeze all the time.

I'm on no other medication.

Just on ventolin and seretide 500, and I take the seretide morning and night and the ventolin a few times during the day.


Hey :)

Welcome :)

I can't offer much in the way of advice other than call the AUK nurses. I'm sure there's other stuff avaliable and if he refuses to help then see another doc or ask to be referred on. If you're using ventolin a few times a day then you're not controlled and he should be taking more notice and trying to help you. I think everyone on this site has had dealings with difficult doctors/ nurses so you're in the right place!

Persevere and you will get somewhere I promise! I think sometimes it's difficult for people to understand, even doctors, how asthma can affect you if they don't have it themselves.

Good luck :)



Hi Rachel

Many thanks for the reply and advice.

I will contact the AUK nurses, thanks for that.

The GP is now trying to pidgeon hole this to being anxiety related, however, I haven't had an asthma attack for over 30 years.

I know it's down to mis-management.

I actually went once to the ""asthma nurse"" at my local GP and explained how much I was taking ventolin and she just said to keep doing this until things calmed down.

She also said that phlegm was normal??

Anyway, I need to get to the bottom of this ASAP as its really getting me down.

Cheers for now.




""there's nothing else we can try!""

If it's beyond your GP's experience then he should be refering you to someone who does know what you can try.

She also said that phlegm was normal??

This is normal for me when I have symptoms.

Ihope you can find someone to help you out, so that you improve soon.


If your symptoms are down to allergies, which it sounds as if they are, have you tried taking antihistamines? You can buy them over the counter and try taking one a day to see if that helps. If it helps moderately but you still have symptoms you can go and ask the GP to prescribe a stronger antihistamine. I take fexofenadine daily in the hayfever season and I'd be an absolute wreck for half the year without it.


Hi Lou

The way he ""left it"" was that he wants to see me again n about a weeks time to - ""get to the bottom of this one and for all!""

They've been messing me about since Spring 2011!

Anyway, I'm going to ring them tomorrow and demand that they refer me.

Just a bit worried about what I do in the meantime, especially with Christmas holidays coming up.

Ventolin only takes the edge off it, but the seretide really works (hence why my sleep is never disturbed by wheezing), but I'm already taking seretide 500 twice a day and I believe I cant take anymore in a 24hr period etc.



Hi Spooky

Thanks for the reply.

I know I'm allergic to house dust, so you might have a point.

Might be worth a try.


I can sympathise with your situation. I have been struggling for nearly a year now with very similar symptoms following many years of living trouble free with my asthma. I was eventually referred to consultant who changed me from Seretide to Qvar and also referred me to physio for anxiety / disrupted breathing pattern - this was useful to a point but my symptoms continue. I am awaiting results of CT scan which consultant has requested ""to reassure me"" nothing more serious is happening but they believe there is no major problem.

I would definitely heed Rachel's advice - this forum is full of very knowledgable and kind people with really good tips - contact the asthma nurses and continue to persist with your GP if your symptoms continue. There are plenty of different medications & treatments available which could help you. You know your body best & don't be fobbed off.

Good luck - be interested to know how you get on !


Hi madhatter

Thanks for the post and the advice.

My GP used to promote himself as being an asthma specialist!

Don't know how he can look himself in the mirror quite frankly and the asthma nurse is a complete joke, but yet I must see her in person or they won't give me my inhaler prescription.

It was this same GP who couldn't help me about 6 years ai and I went privately and the consultant put me on seretide which revolutionised my asthma.

Here we are a few years on and it's starting again.

I've been checking and there's loads of different medicatin out there for asthma, so I don't know what the hell he's on about.

I was also prescribed a cocktail of drugs about 4 years ago for a neck injury and ended up having to get an ambulance as i collapsed and then had 2 blood transfusions and a week in hospital all because if this medical practise!

But that's a different story!!

Anyway, why I didn't change my GP years ago haunts me now.

However, onwards and upwards, starting with a call to the AUK nurse tomorrow am and a all to th Doctors fo a referral.

Will defo keep you guys in the loop.

Thanks again and I hope you get your own situation sorted out sooner rather than later.




ah that sounds awful! Why do they always play the 'anxiety' card when they just don't know what's going on?! I'm sure there are many people who genuinely do have anxiety but a) probably not nearly as many as get told they do when presenting with asthma symptoms and b) doesn't mean they don't ALSO have asthma symptoms.

Is there another GP in the practice you can see? Think you should be able to see any of them; I know I can though I try to see one in particular.

I'd also agree with contacting the AUK nurses - they are lovely and always have plenty of time and patience (believe me, they can put up with me rambling incoherently at them about weird symptoms ;))

Good luck, definitely let us know how you get on!


Hi there

Thanks for the post.

I've just come off the phone to the AUK nurse, who was fantastic!!

Really helpful.

She thinks I may have rhinitis of some kind and that I should get a nasal spray ASAP.

I'll be talking to my GP today and I'll also ask for a referral while I'm chatting to them.

I'll keep everyone posted.

Thanks for all the help and advice



Well, picked my steroidal nasal spray, however, she wouldn't refer me as she wanted me to see the senior GP on the 24th.

Ah well, will just have to persevere for now



I'm sorry your asthma is acting up. In my experience GP's are very variable in their knowledge and in order to get the best treatment you need to take control.

If your Asthma is symptomatic, i.e., cough, wheeze, waking up in the middle of the night, mucus, using your reliever (ventolin) inhaler more than twice a week (apart from for sport) Then your asthma is not well controlled. Everyone is different but here are some things to look into. Having said that if you've had a bad cold recently as well, it can take someone with Asthma at least 10 weeks to recover fully.

1) Keep a peak flow diary and diary of your symptoms, i.e. how much blue inhaler you are using, how many times you are waking up,

2) If the singular really didn't work for you, then ask your doctor for an add on steroid inhaler, Alvesco, & Pulmicort, and Fluticaszone are good.

3) Ask your doctor to check out other things that can exacerbate asthma. Such as a chronic Sinus Infection, ( which could be asymtomatic.) Also acid reflux. You could ask to try a proton pump inhibitor for a couple of weeks and see if makes a difference. For some people this is really helpful. A steroid nasal inhaler could also be helpful if you think you have allergy's or sinus problems. Fluticasone is good. I think you can even buy both a Proton pump inhibitor ( omeprazole is one ) and the Steroid Nasal spray over the counter in UK so you could try these without even going to the DR.

4) You might consider changing from seretide to symbicort, sometimes one works better than the other.

5) If you do suffer from allergy's then taking an antihistimine all the time can be helpful. I take Fenofexedine 180, but there are over the counter medicines that are quite good. Nasal saline rinses can also make a difference. (Neilmed is good) There are also aerosols but they are expensive.

6) As other's here have suggested the Asthma Uk Nurses are very good. Also scour this site, there is lots of really good information here.

7) After you have tried the above there still other things that you can do. But at that point you should be asking for a referral. Steroid tablets do work and save lives but they are serious drugs and have serious long term side effects if you have to continue to use them, so you should pursue all the other avenues you can to get your asthma under control.

8) Keep on going back to the doctor, and try and find one who does know about asthma.




Hi again

as an add on to my last reply. It is worth discussing Hormones with your GP. As fluctuation in Oestrogen levels can cause exacerbation of Asthma, particularly if you find your wheezing to be worse at the wrong time of the month.



Hi Rihobbs

Many thanks or the post.

You've given me plenty of food for thought and I will bear all this in mind when I see my GP on Monday.

My Asthma is I'll bad and now I'm coughing up green phlegm, so something isn't right.

I'll keep you posted.

Have a nice Christmas



Sounds like you have a chest infection if you're coughing up green phlegm.


I had something that sounds similar to your problems some years ago. Let me encourage you to press for your GP to refer you to the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the nearest suitable hospital. They will have the specialist knowledge to diagnose your condition correctly. If your GP is still reluctant - register with another surgery ASAP. It is probably not wise to name the condition I had as yours may well be different. In my case I was prescribed antibiotics which I had to take for two years - but they did work! So please be encouraged to press on.


GS `now I'm coughing up green phlegm`

as lou said `Sounds like you have a chest infection if you're coughing up green phlegm`

shame you couldn`t get to see your doc before Monday to tell him/her this

I hope you feel better soon and get the right medicine on Monday


Hi all

Many thanks for the posts.

Yeah, i think it may be a chest infection too, however, my GP will never prescribe Anti-biotics.

He (they) always opt for steroids.

The green phlegm comes and goes a bit, and to be honest, its usually white or clear.

One of the responses i had from the practise (re the phlegm) about 2 weeks ago was - ""try not to cough it up as you dont want to disturb it"" & ""its perfectly normal to have phlegm""

I kid you not!!!

I've been telling them since early 2011 about the asthma going down hill slowly and the constant wheeze.

Anyway, going to see the senior GP tomorrow, and i'm going to demand that i'm referred.

It's not a kick in the pants off 2 years since i've highlighted all of this.

I'll be back on with a post tomorrow night.

Thanks again.



Hi new to this forum and topic! But just to mention, I have been on seretide 250 for some time, no wheezing and constriction, BUT a constant feeling of ""phlegminess"" in my throat. Anyway for reasons of trialling different medication, I dropped the seretide for a few weeks, I started getting wheezy for the first time in years so it clearly wasn't working BUT during that time the blocked, phlegmmy feeling cleared up completely. It was only then that I realised the seretide whilst obviously keeping my asthma well controlled might actually be causing my phlegminess. If you google long acting inhalers with steroid (of which seretide is one) and bronchial irritation there are a few matches that mention a link between the two. I was reluctant to mention this to my GP however for fear of being dismissed so like you I am not really sure what to do...


Hi Sdan4

I must admit, i'm convinced that theres a connection between the seretide and the phlegm thing.

Without sounding gross, i always have phlegm every day, and the only thing that changes is the colour of it.

My GP practice have dismissed this for nearly 2 years!

Anyway, looking forward to speaking to this GP today.



I've been referred to an Asthma specialist and I've also to get an X-ray.

Will let you know once I've been to see the consultant.

Merry Christmas everyone.



good luck and Merry Christmas to you too

I hope you don`t have to wait too long to see the consultant

get well soon


Happy New Year to everyone.

Still waiting on my referral to see the Consultant.

Glad i'm not in a hurry!!

Still got the symptoms, constant runny nose - chesty cough - phlegm - feeling rotten (has been weeks and weeks now!).

Anyway, on the plus side, my local GP practise sent me out an ""Asthma Review"" request!!

Nearly spat out my corn flakes!


All the best



Hi everyone

Sorry I haven't been on for a while, but it's time for a rant!!!

As I was still waiting on the referral coming through in the post, I decided to ring my GP to see if everything was ok.

To my horror, I was then told that my referral request never went through until the 22nd Jan!!

I was going mental!

Now, for those that don't know, I saw my GP on the 24th of Dec and was told that I was getting referred straight away, and I was also to go and get a chest X-ray (which I got taken on the 27th).

I finally spoke to my GP a couple of days ago and I asked him why he had done this knowing how wheezy I was.

He said that he decided to wait to see wha the X-ray showed, to which he then said that it was ""clear"".

So I basically said that I can't now wait another 5-6 weeks from this point onwards considering I have been waiting since the end of Dec.

I then proceeded to tell him that I was still very very wheezy and coughing up loads of clear phlegm, and also with a runny nose and a terrible tightness in my chest.

To which he said "" I think theres more to this than meets the eye, and it could be simply down to your anxiety that you sometimes get""

He also added "" that if my asthma was as bad as I was making out, then I wouldn't be able to talk over the phone, and I haven't heard you cough or stop for breath once""

I honestly don't know why we bother with these people, I really don't.

So, my asthma has been getting steadily worse over the last 2 years, I have constant phlegm / runny nose / cough / tight chest, but yet this guy thinks its all in my head!!!!!

And to add to this, I get a basic letter asking me to go to the same practice to get my asthma reviewed!

I know there's something wrong, and I bl**dy know its not in my head!!!

Rant over..........

Sorry for the rant

Cheers for now.


Hi, I have the same problem - I can struggle to walk upstairs without getting out of breath but I can be ok to talk on the phone or to someone as long as I've not been doing anything else before it. Generally at my drs I can be waiting for up to an hour before I get in to see a dr (they have a walk in surgery if you want to see a dr the same day) and so I'm not too bad by the time I go and see them. I've had them comment that I can't be that bad because I'm not pausing to breathe whilst talking and one suggested to me that because I was getting slightly out of breath talking to them I was hyperventilating as I hadn't been out of breath when I started talking!

I have found some drs who know a bit more about asthma or my own gp who knows me, understand and believe me when I say how my asthma has been affecting me, without questioning the breathlessness thing.

It seems that everyone with asthma is different and although there are a few standard symptoms not everyone is affected in the same way, I just wish more gps would understand that so we didn't feel like we had to justify ourselves to them all the time, it's bad enough trying to explain it to work colleagues who don't know anything about asthma without having to do it to drs as well.

Sorry this turned into a rant! it was meant to be supportive to you - guess I didn't realise how worked up I am with months of trying to justify myself to gps - it's good to know I'm not on my own though!

Hope your appointment comes through soon.x


Hi Maccy

Thanks for the post.

No worries with your thinking that your post was a rant, and it was still supportive, so thank you for your comments.

I agree totally with you.

This GP who I see is the senior GP and has been known to our family since I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 5 or 6 years old.

Back then he used to self profess that he was an ""asthma specialist""!

As you say, the problem is that everyone is different and that's where the problems start.

GPs nowadays would probably find it much easier if we had something ""normal"" wrong with you, so they can spend 10mins, give you a prescription and then show you the door etc.

Asthma isn't like that as I'm sure that everyone on hear will agree with.

Anyway, I'll let you know when I finally get to speak to an expert



I also meant to say, as my peak flow is always between 540-650, he says that its not my asthma.

However, I did explain to him that my PF is used to be 750-850 when my asthma was under control.

O, in the space of 2 years my PF has dropped by about 200l/min.

Nothing wrong?

I know that my PF isn't nearly as bad as some of you guys on here, so I apologise if you think I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill etc.


PF is really only a useful metric internal to a person so it really doesn't matter what other people's PF is. What does matter is that you used to have one PF and you now have another. That seems to me to bear investigation, especially if the change is accompanied with increased symptoms.


GS, do you ever get to the point where you cough so much and cough up phlegm with nearly each cough that you feel that you are going to choke? or any other really bad symptoms that you could call 999 and get yourself taken into hospital?

that might get you seen by someone who knows their asthma stuff

I do hope you get this sorted quickly



Thanks for the posts.

Beth - I totally agree about the PF comment. I actually said something similar to my GP and their asthma nurse and they rejected what I was saying.

I'm going to see the asthma nurse on Tue so it'll be interesting to say the least.

Joan - I do cough up a fair bit of phlegm each day, but I always try to stop doing it in case I go into a coughing fit etc.

I actually thought about doing something like that but stopped myself.

If my GP had done what e said he was going to do, I'd have seen the consultant by now!

Anyway, Ill let you know what I'm told on Tuesday at my ""asthma review""

Cheers for now and thanks again.



with peak flow the guidelines i found were that predicted PEF can be used 'as a guideline' and only 'when personal best unknown' so its riduculous that your GP wont believe you. I, like lots of people on here have a high personal best (i used to play flute, clarinet, climb, and swim frequently, all of these increase your personal best) and i can keep to about 50% when i am showing signs of a potentially fatal attack. have a look at this, i'm sure there are more but this one is pretty clear (it talks about personal best in the section about acute attacks) brit-thoracic.org.uk/Portal...

i hope the link works!


GS, you have my sympathy. I *think* I've mostly got past that stage now and with me it was from consultants, but it is SO infuriating when it happens - as though you have to be practically passing out from an asthma attack the whole time before you qualify! I am another 'weird' one and I do still to some extent have to deal with the whole PF issue though I think - I hope - they do now realise that my best is better than predicted (I still hate comments like 'oh yes, it's really good' - well yes, but that doesn't necessarily tell you how I've actually been!) I really do hope you can get in to see the cons asap and that they're helpful - keep us updated!

Soph - interesting document, thanks for link! A very official source so I may use it as back-up in asking for a symptom-based plan next time I see the consultant, as though they are mostly very good this remains a bit of a bone of contention that I haven't managed to get a non-PF based, personalised plan out of them yet. This ought to be good for showing that it's not just me, if I can phrase it in a way that doesn't make me sound like a complete w***** (I really don't want to be one of those annoying people who always thinks they know best and waves bits of paper around, but I also know the value of some scientific backing).


Hi all

Thanks for your posts.

I agree totally about the PF thing. I don't know how many times 2 of my GPs and te asthma nurse have said ""but you're PF is still over 600 etc""

It counts for nothing.

Also, nobody seems to know what happened to my phlegm sample!

This was dropped off about 10 weeks ago.

I don't want to say too much, as I know there are some fantastic doctors, nurses, consultants etc, however I think I just have the s***ty end of the stick with mine!

Thanks also for the link (which I'll look at ow) and the comments.



i was tempted to use it to show that magnesium IV is a treatment in the guidelines, my consultant seems to go through phases where he thinks the fact that my improvement after IV mag is a sign that my asthma attacks are panic attacks as he believes there is ""no evidence"" for it working. yet continues to reccomend IV aminophylinne (and if i dont respond to that it MUST be a really sever attack) sigh!


Hi Soph

It's a great document, really interesting.



GS thats happened to me before too. I had a nose biopsy. Waited a month really worried etc go back to cons: sorry they lost your sample so well do another one today. Painful too. Apparently it just ""happens sometimes"" personnally though i think ive been on the receiving end of several medical errors etc because im an ""overuser"" of the health system: if youre there long enough your bound to get the short straw at som point. My sympathies. Hope you get something decent sorted soon. Let us know.

Rose xx


Hi Rose

Yeah, think his happened to me too

Well, the update is that I saw my asthma nurse today and she put me on Symbicort and an antihistamine.

Started it already and will report on my findings as and when.

Fingers crossed it's as simple as this.

I've still to see the consultant too (thank goodness).


Glad you got somewhere with the nurse, sounds like she's a better bet than that GP! Crossed fingers for consultant, do you know when appt is?

btw just to say, though I don't know how 'typical' I am (not very lol according to some people...): when I first tried Symbicort (200/6 to begin with) I gave up after a couple of weeks with my GP's permission as it didn't seem to be working. When I saw the consultant after that, he said that was nowhere near long enough and put me on the 400/6 saying I needed to try it for min a month and would leave 2-3 to be sure. It did nothing for 3 weeks then suddenly kicked in, so give it time, and though I don't know if anyone else finds this, but it was really quite a sudden effect for me. No idea if the 200/6 would have worked if I'd given it long enough as it was half the dose. I am now on 400/6 3 puffs twice a day which is relatively high but seems reasonably effective.

Mind you, asthma nurse at GP said I should notice the effect immediately because of the LABA element, but I found I needed the steroids to kick in for it to work properly. I was SO relieved when it did as it was also significant diagnostically for me, plus for some reason I'd not had much luck with the steroids up till then - not sure why, perhaps the ones I tried for long enough weren't strong enough and the one that was I didn't give long enough?



Thanks for the post.

Yeah, I'll have to give it time to work.

I just wish that I had been given the stronger one first, but we'll see how it goes.

Fingers crossed that it works even until I see the consultant.

Still don't have the date yet.


Philomena: I'm glad you finally found something that did help and people who were wise enough to know that it might take time for it to work and didn't rule its helpfulness out immediately.

* LABA - It seems to me that if there is a lot inflammation that SABAs don't work for me nearly as fast or as long as they should. I would imagine something similar with the LABA would also apply.

GS - hoping things do turn round for you soon. It is very frustrating when all the things that are supposed to be working don't quite seem to be doing their job.


Beth, yes, definitely, I was so glad of it! Though it was partly my own fault for being too impatient, to be fair - by that point I was just getting fed up, as I imagine many do. It was a little rambly as a post (sorry!) but while GS may be more tolerant than me I just don't want anyone else to make the same mistake and give up too soon, particularly when my experience was no difference for three weeks then 'oh look, I've gone 7 hrs without using Ventolin and I didn't even notice!' Shame I caught 2 chesty things back to back just after...

Can GPs prescribe the stronger one, I wonder? I would have thought so, but they tend to prefer to start low and work up - though the same consultant who put me on the 400/12 also said at that point it was better to give it a good blast and step down later if indicated, because a lower dose wouldn't really do much and it would just continue in the same cycle - better to really get on top of it. Perhaps something to ask about at your appt GS? Hope it comes through soon!

I agree on what you say re LABAs/SABAs Beth - I was the same re Ventolin, it basically didn't really work till I got some preventers that did (and of course that did not help diagnostically). The better my preventers work, the more effective Ventolin is when I do need it. Though I do like Atrovent even if it takes longer to work - improves sleep.


Hi all

Thanks for the posts.

No referral in the post, the wait goes on.

Have a nice weekend.


Please sign and share this petition to get free medicine as an asthma sufferer!!

It's been too long that we have had to spend so much when asthma is a life threatening illness and treated as though it's not.

Please sign and share as much as possible!!!




That's me added my name to the list.



Hello again

Just a quick post.

The good news - I think the change of inhalers are working to a degree. Plus I also think the antihistamine is helping as I don't seem to have as much phlegm as normal!

Bad news - still waiting on my referral, plus I was told by the asthma nurse that she would check for the results of my phlegm sample and let me know, guess what? No phone call!!

Ah well, at least the asthma is a wee bit better.

Bye for now



Glad to hear that at least the asthma is a wee bit better,


Pleased you're feeling a little better - it's frustrating isn't it waiting for the appt?

Hopefully you'll hear soon.


Well, the only update I have so far is that I'm still waiting on a referral !!

Plus, my Asthma seems to be going back to the way it was, so I decided to go back on Seretide for now.

And, to cap it all off, the asthma nurse (GP) never bothered phoning regarding my phlegm sample.

So after about 3-4 weeks I decided to phone her, to which I was told that there was no results and I would have to make another appointment with her to discuss this.

What a load of crap!!!!

I gave the sample in at the end of Nov / start of Dec.

Looks more like the GP decided not to send it.

I am now wondering whether just to go privately to speed things up.

And, for the record, but without being liable for slander, my GP practise is absolutely rubbish.

You'd be better going to B&Q and asking advice there!

Bye for now


How frustrating! Could you perhaps ring the hospital/appts line to find out re referral? Seems like you should at least have a date and letter by now even if there is a wait for the actual appt, and from what you've said about your GP practice it might be an idea to check that they actually sent the referral off and the hospital knows you exist...

You may well have considered this already, but perhaps a change in surgery might help? You could complain to the practice manager, but if the whole ethos of the practice is like this I don't know how far it would get you - might be easier to cut your losses and register with a new surgery, if there is another in the area - never needed to do this myself but I think others on here have switched surgeries and found it makes a big difference. I think you can look on NHS Choices as some places have reviews, to get an idea of location and if others have had problems - never done this with a GP surgery but it worked out well when I needed to find an NHS dentist.

Crossed fingers you get somewhere soon!


Hi there

Thanks for the reply.

I think I might actually ring the hospital and the secretary for the consultant etc.

I am planning on changing to another practice, they've had too many chances and cocked up loads of times.

I'll be joining the same practise where my wife and kids are, they're meant to be good.

Cheers for now.


Sorry for posting another boring update.

I spoke to the GP receptionist and she checked with the referral service who confirmed that I'm definitely on their list.

I was then told that the max waiting time is 12 weeks, so if my GP had referred me when he said he was going to, I'd maybe have been seen already or only have 1-2 weeks to wait.

However, as it stands, and my GP is to blame, I'm now only 6 weeks through the referral time etc.


Also, there is no record of a phlegm sample or results with the reception.

So much for the asthma nurse (at the GP) chasing this up and letting me know!!

And yet she claimed to be involved with this Asthma UK?

God help us.

Anyway, my application to join another practise was posted yesterday.

And, I also realised that te Symbicort she prescribed seems to be of lesser strength compared to the seretide I was on, so I just went back on the seretide as of 1 week ago.

Asthma is still bad, peak flow is constant, but at least 100-150 below what it should be.

Anyway, at least I'm half way through waiting and changing practice.

Ever get the feeling that your GP can't be bothered as youre a complex case?

Well, I'll never step foot in that practice ever again.

Hope everyone's ok and sorry for the rant.



Morning all

Sorry its been a while since i've logged on and posted.

Anyway, here's the update -

Was meant to see the consultant on Wed 17th April.

This was cancelled and i had a re-arranged consultation with another consultant on Wed 24th April

To be honest, the people that i dealt with on the day we're pretty good, but the whole thing was a bit of a farce with nobody knowing where all us ""asthamtics"" were meant to be going!!! (you couldnt make it up)

Got my weight and height taken (which was ok)

Then went onto the machine that measures your lung capacity etc (which was really tough and talk about feeling faint!!)

Then finally got my chance to meet the consultant, however, as it was a bit of a shambles, i only got 5mins with the guy.

The long and short of it is - my lungs are fine (which i'm obviously really happy about), in fact he actually said that my lungs were in great shape and they seem much better than an ""asthmatics""!

However, he was more concerned with the phlegm and runny nose so he referred me to ENT to get a scope etc.

I've also to go and get my blood tested and an allergy test done again (doing this tomorrow or Thursday).

I also told him what my infamous GP had been telling me and he couldnt understand why said GP Practice had been prescribing me these drugs!!!

So, on one hand i'm really relieved that my lungs are in good shape, but on the other i'm now being redirected elsewhere and this could take another 12 weeks.

Just wish i had more time with the consultant. All in all, i was at the hospital for 3hrs!

Anyway, onwards and upwards, and just taking each stage at a time.

Quite annoyed with the GP though as i told them about the phlegm thing 2 years ago, to which they said ""phlegm is the bodies way of moving things around the body""......... Is it????

Even i know that this statement is rubbish.

I'll hopefully find out while i'm there getting the allergy test done if i'm now alergic to anything else so i'll keep you posted.

All the best


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