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drop in peak flow

do my peak flow every day morning and night normaly for me 550 in morning before treatment and at night normal 600-10 ish ( tall young man expected peak flow for my height is 650 to 760) i have bean feeling gr8 in a long time i have costochondritis very pain fall feels like some one is kicking me in the chest all the time on meds for that but now also geting chest tight ness and my peak is now down to 450 in morning my asthma plan says go a and e strate away if it drop below 420 dont no what to do go see a gp or see how i feel over night dont want to realy have to call the men/women in green over night if i get worse but then dont dont want to get worse i have uped my reventer to 4 puffs am n pm have used reliver 3 times as it tends to get very tight some times then modrate at overs mmm ideas

thanks for you time maty

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Hi mat,

Is your pf still in the red after reliever? If it is then you need to seek help.

If it picks up after you take your reliever inhaler but you're still struggling in between, morning/night then I'd be going to my gp.

Uys always best ti be safe than sorry but obviously this is just my opinion and I'm not medically trained!!

Take care,



well take reliver gose out of red for 5 hours or so then slowly drops but not staying at 500 so it ant as bad as it was i have to see my gp on monday i see how i feel 2mor if not i go to to my gp place there open 7 days a week 8 to 8 so thats ok n they know me well so i see how i feel in the moring thanks :) !


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