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Feel so out of control once again :-/

Does anyone else feel out of control as far as their child's Asthma and breathing is concerned?

My little girl is 4 and battled with her breathing all her life. She has a diagnosis of Severe Brittle Asthma and Adrenal Insufficiency.

She is so strong in herself and never let's it get her down.

She has just had a bout of double pneumonia and was incredibly poorly. With her adrenal problems, any infection can be life threatening. It still breaks my heart to think of her lying there fighting. Her sats were low, heartrate sky high. her temp was sky high yet she was blue and mottled. Amazingly she did fight and she fought so well and was home again so so quickly.

She is so strong and brave yet I'm left in a state!! I feel a wreck, so scared and nervous. Worried what next time will bring. Every time I think it gets worse than the time before!!

Does anyone else feel out of control with regards to their child's health?

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I can relate to what you are saying, my son is just under 3. I am terrified almost waitin for the next attack wondering when it will happen. The last attack was worse than any previous to that and I am so scared the next will be worse than that. My son seems ok at the moment but he hasn't had a cold, cough or virus since starting on his new lot of medications 3 weeks ago. He now takes Seretide, flixonase, montelukast, Nedocromil and ventolin. He also has problems with his adenoids which his doctors feel contribute massively to his breathing difficulties. He is supposedly being put on the list to have them removed but how long will that be? But that's another thing in terrified about, he will have to have an operation under general anasthetic to remove them.



Try buying a salt pipe from amazon. Make sure you get the right one for her age I think it's blue for adult green for children you can always look on there site by googling salt pipe. She should take it along with her medication never stop her medication.. The salt pipe should help her out.


Jenny - sorry you are feeling the same :-( As for the anaesthetic, Maddie had one when she was 2. I remember the fear of it all but you have to try focus on the benefits. It will be soo worth it for your little chap and I'm sure the outcome will be a positive one hun.

Venus - thanks for the recommendation of the salt pipe. My little girl has saline nebs so I'm guessing they work the same?


Well it's salt in pipe you breath in the salt. Check out the site I gave you and no it's not something the doctors prescribe you. It's not medication either.

It's a natural thing that you just use once a day. It is supposed to be effective in helping asthma, best of all no side effects.. As its just cave salt.

You should also make sure she's getting good healthy fresh fruit in her diet daily. Make sure her room hasn't got mold growing in there.


Hi,I really feel for you. I have been feeling much the same in the past.

I often felt I had a parallel life to everyone else as my son's illnesses were so overwhelming for me.

The worst was 4 years ago. Interesting my son has hardly a memory of that time, just that he was in hospital a lot. He was 6.

In time he has improved gradually.Yet I still 'fear' the worst when he gets a bit ill or needs his reliever.

I just got through day by day at the worst times, and did try to read comforting books, that helped me relax and forget 'real life' just for 30 mins or so.


I know it will be best for Thomas to have the operation but I think I will worry about it til he is out the other side :)

We are currently on what I believe is a downwards spiral hes picked up yet another cold and despite all his medications I am now back giving the ventolin both in the day and night for the last two days. Such a shame we had been doing so well. Typical just a week before Christmas too.

How is your daughter now?

x x


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