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Fighting To Breathe!!

Did the title grab your attention?! GOOD!!

Because I want to tell you about the amazing-ness of my girlfriend!!

A little while back I done a post stating that she was doing a sponsored walk and that I was tagging along despite my rubbish asthma!!

Well it is now official and we have all the AUK kit for it and we also have a just giving page!!

please can you spread the word so we can get as many donations to help as possible!!

After all it is going to a fantastic charity...and you never know, a wonder drug could be found!!

Here is the link...hope you can help!!

Thanks Peoples!!


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Hey all!!

Hope you are all reading this message above and most importantly passing it on to everyone you know to get them to sponsor us!! after all, its for the little community!!

Please please please help us as much as u can!!

this is going to be a massive challenge for both me and my girlfriend (especially me with having brittle asthma and weakend muscles from the steroids!!)

I am and I will fight this, but both myself and everyone else need your help and support!!



Hey all,

Happy new year to all!!

Just a small reminder that myself and my girlfriend are doing a walk and I would really appreciate it if you could sponsor her on the above link!!

Anything can help and all money goes to AUK, couldnt be a better charity hey!!

Please take a time to look at the website and forward it on to everyone you know!! She is on £150 currently and we all know more can help the charity find the best things for all of us!!



Bumping up as really need ur support!!

AUK have also done a fantastic press release to which they have publish on their main web page under the news secrion if you wanted to have a read and pass onto people. Every penny helps everyone with our disease!! Lets fight for a better life hey!!



Bump up for Charlie ;-)


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