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Hello new here - have a child of 23 months with asthma


The forum is great, nice to read about other peoples experiences and know im not the only one worrying or getting no sleep!

My daughter has had bronchial issues since she was little and now after many hospital trips, the fact she has had constant bronchitis more or less since September means that the professionals are finally listening to my plight that it may be asthma she is suffering with! ( know they tend to stick with the 'no diagnosis until 2 yrs).

I just dont know what to do. Im totally new to all this and been trying to find an asthma awareness course maybe to go to, does anyone know of any?

We have had maybe two weeks ( adding the time up) where she hasnt had bronchial issues since september. I dont know what triggers it, i dont know how to help, to prevent, i dont know what to be aware of.

I have two older children in school and find it hard as at the moment we are living outside the uk for a year with husbands work so we dont really have any support.

The cold weather is most certainly making it worse im sure. Dont like to take her swimming as she always becomes snotty soon after, dont like to go out in the cold too long as i dont think its too good for her.

Bascially, are there any courses that discuss all this and offer maybe first aid too? Would make me feel so much better to be able to do something like this!

Thank you!

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I don't know about any asthma awareness courses although it sounds like a great idea. Asthma UK has some excellent publications to read through and you can order them from the website here or give them a ring and I'm sure they can either point you in the right .direction or answer any questions.

Personally I think first aid is a must for all parents but especially those with asthma. I don't know about the country you're in for that though. Maybe the health professionals can advise you more on that.

All the best with your little one and I hope you guys have a decent winter.



Hi Loulabelle

Gosh what a worrying time for you,I am new to the site but sadly not to asthma which I have for a very long time.I will do my best to give some advice. I do not have experience of asthma support networks in other countries but I am sure they are out there.Asthma is a condition that affects people the world over .Maybe google the world health organisation to see whats available in that country. Cold weather can be a trigger for some asthmatics but it is very difficult keep children in,if she if wrapped up well with the vital hat and scarf it will help.Maybe make up a game with her blowing air into her scarf every so often this warms up the air stopping to much cold air entering the lungs.Have you tried vaporisers that you plug into the room that purify the air I had one as a child really helped when breathing got worse at night. A nice bath in a steam filled bathroom can also help .This next suggestion may sound daft but encourage her to drink to keep throat lubricated.

I don't know if this is any use to you .Have you thought of asking at the local school for advice as they may have a similar system to here with school health and allocated nurses, The most important piece of advice is to stay calm if you can when she is having breathing problems .Breathe with her slow steady breaths in through the nose out through the mouth,get her to look at you and keep her as upright as possible.

Sorry think I am waffling now .Good Luck


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