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Not quite the recovery I'd have expected

Hi Everyone

Just after a bit of advice, I'm getting impatient about the slow recovery.

I'm normally on Symbicort 200/6 (2 puffs AM and PM)using it as a reliever also. plus 10mg Montelukast daily. Peak flow at it's best is 480

Got unwell in November with increased use of Salbutamol plus Symbicort and bad cough which kept me awake at night; I assumed this was related to having two 'colds' close together which I thought I'd managed with Symbicort + Salbutamol.

I was on Prednisiolone from 12-25th November, Started Amoxycillin on the 13th for 7 days also.

From the 15th November GP changed me to Symbicort 400/12 (2 puffs twice a day)plus Theophylline.

Chest no better so GP started Doxycyline this week. Peak flow improved on steroids but has dropped now they are finished. Currently anywhere from 280-350. I'm still needing Salbutamol four hourly am stuck with this very annoying cough. Briefly captured in ED yesterday; think the cold air triggered an attack.

Normally, things get much better more quickly. I'm getting a bit bored and hate having time off work.

Any ideas?


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