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Care plan for work

Does anyone have a care plan for their asthma/allergies at work, so that colleagues know what to do? I'm writing one for myself, have put the standard asthma attack advice, but unsure what to do about allergies.

I had a borderline reaction to a wasp sting - asthma nurse said it was borderline anaphylaxis but GP didn't think I needed an epi-pen. Asthma nurse said in the case of a severe reaction, take up to 20 puffs of ventolin while waiting for an ambulance, as it has the same effect as adrenaline. Is there anything else I should be saying about how to deal with this? As I'm writing this I've realised I don't actually know myself! What can I say to help colleagues with how to recognise a reaction and what to do?

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On the page there is a link to an anaphylaxis care plan that you can alter to your needs:

It might be worth asking your GP to prescribe epi-pens as it is better to be safe than sorry...


Thanks for the link. Yes I did ask about epi-pen but was told they weren't convinced it was anaphylaxis so I didn't need one. I had hives around the area of the sting, dizziness and a hacking cough but two puffs of ventolin sorted the cough and I just had to take antihistamine for 5 days to get rid of the hives. I think GP thought possibly it was an asthma attack brought on by the stress of the sting and skin reaction, rather than an anaphylactic reaction.


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