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Just diagnosed

Hiya, I'm a newbie...I was diagnosed on sunday with asthma. A few years ago I had bronchitus and was given an inhaler to use till I was better, then a few yrs after that I got an inhaler to get rid of a chest infection that antibiotics wasnt touching, but not once did anyone say 'you have asthma'.

I started with a normal cold last monday, by thurs my chest was tight, and by sunday I could only breathe by pulling my shoulders up, rang the emergency drs as I was worried and straight away the nurse said I was having an asthma attack as she could hear.

Anyway saw the dr, I have a chest infection and asthma, Im on 6 prednisolone a day, 3 antibiotics and my blue inhaler, I see asthma nurse on fri for the first time, Im hoping she can give me a spacer as I cant get to grips with the inhaler :/

I thought I'd join here as being told you're asthmatic is more daunting that I thought it would be :(

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Hi pinky and welcome!

I hope you are starting to feel better :-D

Being diagnosed is q bit daunting but if you have a good look around the auk website you will find lots of helpful information and publications.

Good luck with your appointment and don't be scared to ask questions and for clarification on things you don't understand.

I will say everyone on here has a wealth of knowledge and if you have questions the auk nurses (on the freephone number) are lovely and super knowledgeable!

Take care xxx



Try not to panic, having asthma is something to be aware of, not scared of. There are loads of treatments out there that are very effective and if one thing doesn't help you can try something else.

Have you had a good root around the website? There are a fair few publications that you can order as well which are packed full of information so I would order a few of them and get reading!

I find it helpful to write a list of questions that I want to ask or things that you think would be helpful before I go to appointments - that way you wont forget anything that you need to ask.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us, we don't bite!



I hope the pred and antibiotics are working and you're feeling better.

Agree with others, there's loads of good info here and also on the NHS Choices asthma page

It can be pretty daunting at times, having asthma, but this forum is really good when you might feel a little isolated. xx



I'm starting to get over the chest infection and feel better, but waking on a morning with a tight chest is annoying me now.

Saw the asthma nurse on fri, but she was rather awful with me, made me feel Ive just woke and thought oh Ill have asthma today!!!


Glad you feel better but shame about the nurse - I've come across the odd person like that and it really doesn't help! Hope the tight chest improves soon.

If the asthma nurse keeps being antagonistic and/or unhelpful perhaps you could try seeing the GP instead? There may be one with a special interest in asthma.


I always assumed we had to see the nurse...I may just make an appointment with the gp about the peak flow in 3 wks rather than her, I dont want to have to go to her again with the comments she made


Well, at my surgery I always see the GP. To be fair, the asthma nurse there is very nice and generally helpful, and it was mainly because it took me ages to get diagnosed so I couldn't just see the asthma nurse for a regular review since no-one was quite sure what was going on.

But no reason you can't just book an appt with the GP if you'd rather discuss it with them. I can't see that you're going to get very far with controlling your asthma if the nurse is being like that. In my experience having someone who listens properly and pays attention to how you're feeling makes a big difference in actually getting somewhere. Not to mention that if you're feeling rubbish already you don't want to feel you have to defend yourself. I appreciate the fact that my GP actually seems to care about how I've been feeling and what effect symptoms are having on my life, and that he takes this into account when deciding what to do.


Hello Pinky,

I have just read your message so apologies for the delay in responding and welcoming you to the forum I'm sure you'll find it very informative.

I'm sorry that you are having a rough time of it at the moment

I never go see to the asthma clinic nurse at my GP surgery I always see my GP because in the past the nurse has made a couple of mistakes with regards to my asthma and treatment which has resulted in me needing urgent treatment.

I hope that things are improving for you and that your GP or asthma clinic nurse were able ton help you.

Take care of yourself.


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