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Developed asthma since having my baby

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has had the same experience as me and can provide any advice?

I had my little girl 13 months ago. I had a hard last few days of pregnancy followed by an extremely long labour (I had a cold at the time) and then (as all mums experience) a good 5 or 6 months without more than 3 hours sleep at one time. My immune system must have taken an absolute battering.

Over the past year I have had various 'episodes' of wheeziness, but since I have stopped breastfeeding (and more generally since my periods have returned) and gone back to work part-time, I have been wheezy 5 out of 7 days per week. It seems to be worsened by drinking alcohol (I now avoid white and red wine and wheat beers, but even after sulphite-free drinks I find it sets off another flare-up lasting many days).

Asthmatic symptoms come on when I exercise, laugh and even just talking animatedly with friends at parties.

I am absolutely miserable, to the point of despair.

I never suffered with any kind of ailment before pregnancy really, but it seems like the process of having my daughter has taken a chunk of me away. Will it ever return? I am longing to get my life back. I'm only 30! I used to be a marathon runner, I loved sociallising with friends, I had so much energy and life - now I feel sluggish and so ill ALL the time. It's like I am never without a virus. SOmetimes I have a couple of days feeling asthma-free and well, then it all seems to spiral back out of control again (often at weekends).

I would so appreciate it if anyone in the same position could share their experience. Just to know I'm not the only one who's been struck down suddenly by this condition would be a comfort as I feel so alone :(


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People do develop asthma as adults, whether the pregnancy had anything to do with it I don't know. This may seem like a stupid question, but have you seen your doctor yet. Although there are some people who have very difficult to control asthma, most people are able to control their asthma well for most of the time, with a mixture of prevent and reliever inhalers. Once you've found the right treatment there is no reason why you shouldn't be back to the normal active person you used to be.


Hi Jane

I also developed asthma whilst pregnant, my daughter is 19. I thought the extra weight was making me breathless. I had a nasty chest infection and was hardly ever sick. My consultant says hormones do play a part. Recent studies have discovered periods do play a part in some asthmatics.

Don't worry, there are loads of people to chat to on here and the nurses on the helpline are fab, give them a ring.

Take care, and hope your little one is sleeping well so you can get some rest.

Lisa x


Hello Lisa, how are you doing now. Is your asthma still the same or under control?


Hi Jane,

I've always been moderately asthmatic but since having my two girls (Emergency c-section under GA for pre-eclampsia and second was elective section) it became worse. On both occasions my asthma disappeared during pregnancy but the second I stopped breastfeeding and my periods came back (5months with first and 2years with second) my asthma came back worse than before I was pregnant. Now have allergy related severe asthma which has yet again got better as Im currently pregnant with 3rd.

I would go and speak to the asthma nurse at your gp surgery and talk things through. It may settle down as your hormones settle down but at least the asthma nurse will be able to help you until then or if it doesn't.

Hugs x



I had asked my allergist about this, as I don't have children yet, but would like to one day. She said that about 30% of women with asthma stay the same, while pregnant, 30% get better, and 30% get worse.

That's all I know :). But I thought it was interesting.



Hello dear,

I was wondering how are you doing now. I ve read your post and i am experiencing literaly the same thing. I have never asthma in my live, i does not run in my family and now, after my son, i have suddenly difficult to control asthma! I does hope, that it will change after time but i am really depressed!


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