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Medical Jewellery

Hi Everyone

I've looked at previous posts about medical jewellery. Suspect that I'm going to need to invest in some soon as the Asthma is getting to be quite problematic. Also, I do live alone, go out walking and cycling by myself when well enough!

However, my treatment does seem to be ever chagning so don't want to spend lots of money if it needs frequent updating/change of details.

Is there anything that's suitable for swimmers? I think a necklace would be more suitable as I am a healthcare worker who is required to be 'bare below the elbows'!

All suggestions greatfully received; realising what a wealth of knowledge exists on these boards!

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I like u thought the same, and also needed something that wasnt nickle either as im allergic to it. So ....i went hunting on ebay and have got myself some dog tags that have the medi alert symbol on front that says asthmatic and on the second it says brittle asthmatic, my name, DOB and emergency contact, the basics that would get help and also provide enough details to bring up medical records on a computer sytem to provide the other info. I have also found that the chain is long enough so that the dogs tags sit just inside my bra so dnt more about or fall out like a normal necklace!! And it was mega cheap!!




Thanks a million for that! Good point about the nickel allergy as it's also important for me too! Get some cracking rashes from my jeans and an interesting rash on my feet from work boots!

It sounds ideal, especially for the ever changing regimes.

Can you point me in the direction of the ebay seller?


No worries at all, ive been searching high and low for ages for one and this has been the best.

The item number on ebay is


And this particulat seller has different colour etc, i went for red because of a lot of medic alert stuff is red so it kind of made sense to keep it the same!!




Thanks once again!


Hi after much consideration, I decided to become a member of medicalert uk. They do a vast range of jewellery and prioritise your issues as to what goes on your emblem. You also get a credit card sized thing with greater detail on and ambulance/medical person el can phone and speak to someone for further information from their database, including contact numbers for respiratory specialist and two personal contacts. It works in all countries (people in the call centres are multilingual) and is well recognised by ambulance and NHS staff - many trusts have received awareness training from medicalert.

I have a huge list of health conditions, including many severe drug allergies, and the other things I looked at just weren't up to the job (for me)

Their website is really informative

Lynda :)


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