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worried, but don't want to go to the doctors again if can be helped


I have had a rough few weeks with colds and viruses. I have had an ear canel infection and waiting for it to be hoovered next week. For the last 2 and half weeks I have had the normal cold. i have been runny a slight temperature for the last week with swollen glands in my neck, under my arms and my tummy as have the feeling from last time had swollen glands there. my sinuses are also painful and . For my asthma i have been taking my inhaler ventolin every 4 hours. i know i can go up to 10 puffs if i am very wheezy so have gone up to 6 puffs from 2 . . however this is not working but if i go up any higher it makes me go really light headed and have the shakes . im not sure if this is a virus, or if i have a chest infection as only coughing a little yellow muck or my ear infection has become worse even though it feels no worse than it has been. Im really embarrassed about going back to the doctors as im sure they going to think im a hydrocondriateg soon as have been there every week since october. Can you give me any ideas what to do do at home rather than going back to the doctors. forgot to say have also increased my seratide inhalor by an extra puff.

sorry if i have moaned

Jess xx

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Jess, your doctor knows when you are ill he won`t think you are a hypercondriac

please don`t suffer when there is no need to and these things, if not treated properly can lead to more serious illness

do go to your GP, please

I hope you feel better soon


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