Ventolin vs Salamol

I have just been prescribed Salamol inhalers rather than my usual Ventolin. I'm still getting used to the switch and at the moment I miss my old Ventolins but some observations:

-The canister of the inhaler is smaller. At first I thought somebody was palming me off with half-sized medication.

-The aftertaste is sweeter.

-You have to push down a little harder to get a dose.

-I am not 100% sure they are as effective for me but again it may be I'm still getting used to the differences after 27 years of using ventolin.

Anyone else got any thoughts? Apologies if this has already been covered.

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  • Hi

    I have often wondered this, I thought it was inhaler snobbery on my part!

    I have found they do taste very different and don't seem as powerful when sprayed, I also feel they are not as effective but like you I am sure that's all in my head after years of using Ventolin.

    I did ask my doctor to prescribe Ventolin and not Salamol and was surprised when he agreed. So now I rarely get a Salamol inhaler.

  • That's good to know, I will specify Ventolin from now on and see how I get on.

    I think Salamol is a 'generic' drug and therefore cheaper to the NHS.

  • Ventolin and Salamol are brand names/trade names. The generic drug in both is salbutamol.

    Generic simply means a drug which is marketed under its chemical name (i.e. salbutamol) rather than a brand such as ventolin, though it will have the manufacturers name on the label.

    Thus the drug in both ventolin and salamol, is salbutamol.

    Lynda :)

  • Not only is it the same drug in both (salbutamol) but it has the same quantity per puff too. Maybe the propellant is different though, hence the different taste and maybe not as powerfull a spray

  • You can buy ventolin here without a previous prescription (the online consultation is easy)

  • Evening all!

    Salbutamol is indeed the main component in Ventolin and Salamol. However they appear to be the same cost.

    I also really noticed a difference when I was given Salamol after lung function tests. On checking, Ventolin contains salbutamol as the active substance and HFA 134a being the propellant. Salamol also has ethanol hence the taste difference.

  • Of course I knew both had salbutamol in, but that's interesting about the propellant.

    So does anyone prefer Salamol?

  • I started off with Salamol and the last one I got was Ventolin

    I have found that the salamol tastes better

    ventolin is harsher, the ventolin spray has a lot more force to it and seems to deliver a lot more spray it leaves my tubes feeling raw

    salamol spray is gentler so I much prefer salamol,

    I won`t get ventolin again


    the salamol dispenser does need cleaning/flushing out often as it soon stops working

  • I prefer Ventolin to Salamol. The taste is better I think

  • hey well i use both smb for preventer and ventoin for attacts only when i get bad but always use a spacer with vent i think they are both good but for attacks i fine vent is so much better but that is just me !

  • I certainly think ventolin delivers a bigger dose per squirt but as my asthma is almost under control and not severe I find that dose too much

    I have qvar as my preventer

  • both salamol and ventolin deliver 100 micrograms per metered dose (puff). Ventolin delivers it faster and with greater pressure so it may feel like 'more' but the drug dose is the same ;)

  • I don't know what it is but I certainly feel safer with an Allen & Hanbury's inhaler in my pocket. Their products just appear to be more robust and they look better made.

    Like when you buy a car, one thing you do is open and close the doors to see what sound they make lol (how have I got onto talking about cars? I do apologise)

  • nursefurby

    I have both the inhalers here and as I pointed out, the salamol inhaler soon gets clogged up,

    it delivers less than it should each day of use and completely seizes up after about 10 days

    so what it should deliver and what it does deliver are two different things

    the salamol container needs to be flushed through regularly

  • Ventolin is so expensive! I buy it without a prescription at if anyone would like to know. Let me know how it goes.

  • I have respigen. ?

  • Ethanol inhalers really bother me, I get a sore throat almost immediately and it just won't go away no matter what I do, and I find it makes me cough and if my lungs are especially twitchy it makes me wheeze. I used to use fostair but it's also an ethanol inhaler and I didn't realise how much it was bothering me till I stopped it! I now use the same drugs but not in the fostair inhaler and am a lot happier. My prescription always used to specify ventolin. I think the pharmacy has to give generic unless the prescription specifies otherwise (if they can), and I know hospitals only have salamol!

  • Im totally the same. I have a repeat prescription and have been getting a Ventolin inhaler for as long as i can remember. I was at the doctors and she declared i should be on a Salamol inhaler, have been on this for the last two prescriptions and told the doctor yesterday i wanted it changed. Im aware the drug is the same as in Ventolin but I dont like the smaller Salamol inhalers. I find that as time goes on, even though you shake the container you can feel there is some in there it just doesnt feel like anything much is coming out. Maybe irts just psychosymatic but I prefer the Ventolin.

  • ventolin is more effective for me than salamol. Fact

  • ventolin is more effective for me than solamol. i know this is not in my head as a normal dose of solamol does not relieve my symptons, where as ventolin does

  • Salamol is rubbish -since ive had it ive been using it non stop without effect even with regular preventors. However just struggled with asthma attack and a lady gave me her ventolin.-2puffs and I felt ok-normally 10 puffs and im not ok-there is a difference and id never have known till today-they are messingwith our health for cheap products. Im fully disgusted.

  • yes salamol is rubbish. it is the clayton's ventolin. it doesnt wprk nearly as well. it is disgusting that we have gone backwards in giving it to people. the old ones like me who have known high standards of treatment, excellent successful treatment when presenting at hospital, for asthma, have to watch things as they are now.

    the doctors dont know. they are taught by others who are into cost-cutting, and who are not themselves asthmatics. they havent a clue. they need a large thick belt ties rpund their chests, impeding the full expansion of their chests, then be told to go about their work, .....something like this, before they would EVER know what it is like to not get full air while trying tom live your life

  • Especially as Ventolin is so cheap I buy it for 2 or 3 € abroad..I told my GP before I left England thanks but no..Salamol is useless and as such it is dangerous.

  • I was given Salamol inhalers recently instead of my usual Ventolin. I am satisfied that both contain the same amount of Salbutimol Sulfate, (100 g), but am not happy about the change. The Salamol inhaler has no ridges on the bottom (where the thumb goes), and so slips out of the hand very easily when in use. I also find myself dropping it, (something I never do with the Ventolin inhalers), - as the Salamol is made from a hard smooth plastic that makes it difficult to grip. Am hoping I will be allowed to go back to Ventolin.

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