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Is it an infection or not??

Hi I havent ever posted on here so here goes.

I went to my GP last thursday as i had had a viral cold and a cough which normally leads to a chest infection. He listened to my chest and said it was the beginings of an infection, and said how well id done for acting so quickly. He perscribed me with 500mg of Amoxacillin and said i wouldnt need Pred as i had caught it so soon. I started taking the antibiotics straight away and by Sat morning i was no better i felt awful and the cough was more croop sounding than a regular wheezy chesty rattly cough which i associate with a chest infection. I couldnt catch my breath so I went to my local A&E who sent me to the out of hours GP for some Pred as my o2 sats were ok at 94%.

The GP changed my antibiotics to Clarithromycin 500mg for 7 days and 40mg of Prednisolone for 5 days.

I went to my GP on Monday as i had to get a certificate for work as i had self certificated the previous week. My GP then said my chest sounded more like acute asthma rather than an infection but told me to continue with the antibiotics and steriods. I have also doubled my dose of Seritide as advised, and been taking Ventolin as required which is lots more than normal.

I am still getting very short of breath and im coughing but not actually bringing any phelgm up, My back is agony from coughing which is slightly looser than it was but not like my normal chest infection cough.

Does this sound like an infection to anyone as its not the type im used to its my last day on the Pred tmw. At no point has any DR or nurse asked what my peak flow is which also seems very strange as my adverage is low at 250-350.

Sorry if i have babbled on but any advise would be greatfully appreciated

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