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Asthma related or not?

If these symptoms continue I will definitely see my GP next week, but just wanted to see whether anyone else has experienced this.

I have been having pain in my chest and back - the burning kind of pain I would have assumed was acid reflux - but it isn't behind my breast bone but lower down in the gap between my ribs. It goes through to my back as well. When it started I had assumed it was asthma related as I have had muscular pain around my ribs as well, and my breathing hasn't been too good the last couple of days. I've been waking up around 3am every night and using my ventolin, which helps my chest to feel less tight but doesn't get rid of the pain. Usually if I have rib pain at night it's gone in the morning, but this morning it's still there.

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spooky, are you coughing a lot, that can hurt all kinds of muscles


Hi spooky,

Definitely go to gp.

I had something similar sounding a while back and it turned out to be pleurisy so I'd get it checked.



No not coughing much, I've had that kind of rib aching before. When my breathing is really bad I get a sore band around my ribs.

This is more of a burning pain - this morning was at the front but now mostly at the back. It hurts to take a deep breath but not excessively so and every now and again I get a sudden intense burn.

Angelica - I had considered the possibility of pleurisy, but from what I've read don't think it can be that because it isn't THAT painful. More an irritating pain than severe.


as Angelica said, do see your GP please don`t leave it and then find out it something serious


I've had pleursy before, and it can be a sharp pain. I just wanted to share that I had a pain right bellow my ribs, above my stomach, really burning painful during one 4 month long bout of pneumonia/asthma attack. Coughing sometimes made it worse, but other times it just acted up on it's own throughout the day. Well when I went to the GP, it turns out it was horrible reflux. It took 3-4 days of taking a proton pump inhibitor, but the stomach meds definitely were a life saver.



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