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Flu jab for under 3's advice needed

Hi Not been on here for a while but looking for some advice. My son has asthma, had his first attack at 9 months, he is now almost 3yo. He has been admitted to hospital many times, mainly when his asthma has been induced by a cold. So far this year he has been admitted to hospital twice and narrowly avoided it a third time, and has also had oral steriod twice, and also had it 2-3times last year. His doctor has suggested he has the flu jab. The doctor says its fine, I myself have it yearly, my main worry is his age! I didn't think they gave it to children so young! I would love to hear some feedback, whether other people have had their little ones vaccinated etc. He has an appointment booked for next thursday. Thanks

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Hi there

Both of my asthmatic boys have it yearly. My youngest first had it aged around 10 months as he was premature.

Neither have had a problem with it. Hope that helps put your mind at ease a bit.



My son is 2.5yrs old and I recently was wondering the same thing. He had his first dose 3 weeks ago and has to go back Monday for a second one. I am glad I decided to have it as since his first dose has been in hospital and was quite ill, I can't imagine what getting flu could potentially do.

Jenny x


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