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How I Controlled My Astma Attack This Guy Falks Night

A couple of months ago a friend of ours gave us a glass disk as a present. He told us that it was pretty expensive but a complimentary health product, we've been using it with our food and water since. However on monday 5 Nov. my asthma set in like it always does on this day every year, and every year I would have to go to the A & E to get nebuliser and steroids. On this occassion i picked up this disk and held it to my chest and within a few minutes my coughing subsided and chest tightness decreased. My husband called my friend and he said there was a light box he had which he would bring round and that would intensify the effects of the disk. So the disk was clipped into the lightbox and and I held it to my chest for a further 15 mins. I couldnt beleive the results, the coughing and chest tightness subsided completely. I have repeated the treatment each evening since monday and the my asthma is about 90% better. I have not taken any inhaler since monday, other than my Pulmicort (1 puff morning and 1 puff evening), hand on my heart this disk is the most amazing thing I have come accross and I strongly beleive that every asthmatic should have one!

I plan to continue using the product this way for the next 30 days and will post back here regularly with my progress.

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Wishing you Well X Ruby Balrai

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This looks like spam too as the user has joined with posts referring to this product. Post duely edited and user suspended. Please email if you disagree

Moderator advice follows: If genuine, well that is lucky for you that it has worked in such a fashion, however this is not the case for most people. Complementary (not complimentary which means something else entirely) products are that and not an alternative to conventional medicine - please do not stop medication unless under appropriate medical advice.


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