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asthma + bonfire night. help? *somewhat urgent*

I had an asthma attack saturday night, almost resulting in A&E, I'm still a bit tight in my chest and slightly short of breath, nothing major though.

I'm supposed to be going to a local bonfire + firework display tonight, my dad's said we'll sit in his car..

apart from the obvious of taking my inhaler, making sure I use it if/when needed, is there anything else I can do to stay as safe as possible with my asthma?


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Hi :)

I went to a firework display the other night and was suprised at how much it got to me, though I was stood in the cold and the snow for 2 hours! I fund that wearing a scalf over my mouth and nose helped. Also, can you park somewhere that isn't too close? The advantage of fireworks is that they can be seen for miles so no need to be in all the smoke! :)

I'm also fairly certain that toffee apples and bonfire toffee can help... :P


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