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My recent asthma

having been discharged from the consultant as I've had a gat summer, things have started to go downhill again. It started off with a day in the red zone and a course of steroids. A week later an allergic type mild attack. This developed into a bad exaserbation and two nebulisers and a mother course of steroids, the next day I had several nebulisers at the gp and the put of hours doctor in the middle of night so started antibiotics as well.

The following week I had a bad attack where my says wouldn't come above 87 after a nebuliser and ended up having several back to back through oxygen in an ambulance. A&E said that was perfectly normal as I was seen after a an hour so about 2.5 hours after Istarted the oxygen and all was fine again and no point in taking any more steroids. I am on the max dose of my inhalers and I am stuck in the orange zone 5 days on. GP said that's normal and that some asthmatics are simply ill all winter and there's nothing they can do.

I guess I feel a bit nervous as I don't like not being able to control my asthma but all these doctors are fine with it so I suppose I should be.

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HI Mirandathebat (love the name btw!)

That doesn't sound good, you've been having a bit of a rough time!

I wouldn't settle for 'oh well some asthmatics are just ill all winter'! Not impressed with your doctors there - yes some people do have a lot of trouble getting and/or keeping control but think it's a bit premature for them to write you off like that when you haven't even seen a consultant this time round since it got bad again! If they can't deal with it they should refer you again asap to see what can be done, as it's not good to just leave it like this. Even if you need different medication for the winter only they should be trying harder.

I always say this but...I'd also ring the asthma nurses here for advice, they're very good and will listen and tell you what your options are. Then make an appointment with another GP ie NOT the one who told you it's normal and you'll have to put up with it.

Good luck, really hope you feel better soon - let us know how you get on.


Sorry that you are having such a rough time.

I hope you start to feel better soon.


Hi Miranda!

I second everything philomela has said.

Its definitely not good enough to say that its ok for you to struggle all winter.

There are lots if other things that can be added in to your meds to help you through the winter.

You mentioned that some of the attacks are allergic type, have you been tested for allergy to mould spores? This year has been particularly bad for lots if asthmatics as the levels have apparently been really high.

I'd go to your gp and demand a referral to a respiratory consultant again.

Take care x


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