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Cleaning an aerochamber

Hi. I was wondering if its ok to put an aerochamber into the dishwasher or into sterilising fluid? My son has 3 aerochambers that we use on rotation, but they're starting to look like they could be doing with a more thorough clean - I usually clean them using normal washing up liquid and letting them dry on the drainer. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!

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If they are looking worse for wear may be its worth asking for some more from your asthma nurse or GP on prescription. It is recommended they are changed every 6 months. Not sure about the dishwasher as never tried this but have put them in weak sterilizer solution before now...


Thanks! I'll pick up some sterilising fluid and give it a go.


They should not be put in the dishwasher, should only be washed in warm water with washing up liquid. Not sure about serilising fluid.

How old is your son? Do you also have the bigger volumatic spacers?

You can always order replacements if you feel the current ones need to be replaced.


Little nutter (lol) is absolutely right - they should be washed in warm soapy water and NOT rinsed - then allowed to drip dry. There is a reason for this - it stops the drug sticking to the inner surfaces of the aero chamber so much = more in your windbags! This was explained to me by the specialist asthma nurse.

Lynda :)


The instructions that came with mine say:

Seperate the spacer into the two pieces (the chamber and the top bit where the inhaler goes)

Use warm water and a mild detergent

Put the space in the water and agitate gently

Leave for 5-10minutes

Dry standing up, do not rub dry

Only use once completely dry.

I used to stand it near a radiaor to speed things up a bit!


I usually use soap and warm water, with a brush that I only use on my water bottles and other ""cleaner"" items. But I also read somewhere that nebulizer cups, etc, can be washed with part white vinegar and water, so I use that sometimes too. I think it's a disinfectant, but also gentle.

I'm terrible...I really should wash mine more!



Hi. I was wondering if its ok to put an aerochamber into the dishwasher or into sterilising fluid?

hello julie there 100% safe in dishwasher but i always used to but on top self dont use them no more but should get a new one after 6 mouths ask you asthma team or call auk they good for advice for this stuff

hope this helps



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