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Hello from a newbie and some advice wanted please

Hi I have been lurking in the forums for a few days now and thought i would introduce myself and ask some advice.

I have had asthma since i was 13 but has not really caused me that many problems until the last few years (41 now).

I have just come home from my 2nd hospital admission this year, last admission was just an overnighter. This one was a 2 day stay, 3 day release then a 6 day stay. I had very high carbon dioxide levels a stay on high dependency with ITU alerted just in case.

Treatment was Magnesium, aminophylline, atrovent, prednisolone prescribed to go with my seretide and singular.

I feel totally clear now, peak flow has actually increased by 20 but I feel quite weak in my legs and still have a few lingering chest pains. Also my chest feels odd, empty, heavy it’s really hard to describe feeling but I don't trust it.

Is this something other sufferers have experienced and also how quickly do you get back into normal activity considering my chest is technically better than ever?

Thanks to for reading and any advice you might be able to give

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Hi ellen & welcome!

Sorry you're having a rough time of it but glad your pf is better!

After attacks its normal for your chest to ve sore as the muscles have taken a bit if a hammering, this can take q few days ti a few weeks ir even months to go

Its also perfectly normal to feel weak as your body has been through a loy, you've had lots of meds and also the pred cab make your muscles weak.

The best thing really is rest (known as sofa surfing in here) and time. Boring I know but true!!



ellen, welcome :)

take it easy and be patient with yourself, you have been very ill

if you have any concerns though you can ring the asthma nurse on the free phone number

top left of each page on this forum

hope you feel better and stronger soon


Hi! This is not medical advise at all. But this is what I do. Having been on pred. a lot, once I start feeling a bit better, I try to walk around indoors as much as I feel O.K. Just simple things really, like I might go to the grocery store and get a few groceries, or walk around my apartment and pick up a few things. Or just walk or dance to some music gently for a few minutes at a time. Or climb a flight of stairs.

Of course if I have any trouble I stop. But I find when I can't breathe, and I have to stay still for several weeks, that I get deconditioned, and simple things make me out of breathe and tired. So I start with some every day things, and find over several weeks this helps me to feel stronger, to get back my stamina, and to add more activity super slowly.

Of course, I'm also awful at resting. I'm on pred. right now, and trying to give myself permission to rest more too. I hope you start to feel better every day.



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