Personal Best Peak flow - changes over time

I was wondering if I should change my personal best PEF on my peak flow chart etc. My asthma has been very poorly controlled over the last 15 months or so and so I never achieve anything like my personal best. I forgot to ask my consultant when I saw him earlier this week, my GP would most likely not know and so I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.

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  • When asked I normally say my best recorded at my GP surgery was 460, however this was in 2004. I also say my current best peak flow sits at the 350 mark. I then let who ever is dealing with my case make there own judgement on which reading to take...

  • I think the best peak flow is the best recording in the last 2 years.

  • I too wondered about this,since being diagnosed with asthma in 2010 my best peak flow has been 560 up until earlier this year where I can't get any higher than 400! My predicted is 440. I have very few symptoms these days which is very confusing!

  • OK this just makes me very confused...... ive been diagnosed with asthma since july time and every time i go to the docs by peak flow is 710 but yet everyone else who has asthma cant even get no where near mine ..why is that?

  • Mine has definately changed. I was diagnosed earlier this year after having symptoms my whole life, but having never taken anything since my parents don't believe in asthma. Back then it was 450 with reliever, now 450 is what I get most of the time. Have never measure my highest but I'm assuming it'll reach at least 470.

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