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Question about exercise

I've been going trampolining once a week. I alternate on the trampoline with someone else, so will be going for about 10mins at a time, then have about a 10min break. This works quite well because I don't have much stamina for anything usually.

However I've noticed when I get off the trampoline, I feel a bit lightheaded and my chest feels really tight. I'm not particularly SOB either during or after my turn though. I've just been sitting and taking deep breaths and I feel ok after a while. Ought I to be taking ventolin when this happens, or is it ok if I can get myself back to normal? Would taking ventolin before I start stop this happening?

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My answer would be yes, you should taking your ventolin at this time.

I take my ventolin 15mins before exercise, but I have had on occassions needed it during & after as well. So use it when you need. After all the point of the ventolin as my gp told me, is to stop your need to call the boys in green.


I'd take it (ventolin) before starting and again if chest's tight during the session. See if it helps, I hope it does and makes things more comfortable.


ooh trampolining, sounds fun!

I'd definitely agree with Crystal and Lou - the Ventolin should help you with the session. I unexpectedly ended up at a ceilidh last night; a lot of fun but I'd been to one before and knew they're very energetic. My chest was really tight during the first dance and I had to stop and sit down to recover then sit out the next couple of dances, but while I was sitting out I was waiting for the reliever to kick in and it did, meaning I was able to join in a lot more dances than I'd expected.

I had another couple of puffs later in the evening then more after, so a lot but it was a great evening and taking the reliever meant I was actually able to join in and have fun though was a bit tired afterwards. So don't stint, take the Ventolin and I hope it makes things easier! Obviously be aware of your limits and if you're getting really SOB, but as Crystal says it's there to be used!


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