Anyone with asthmatic children with adenoid problems?


I am pretty concerned about my son at the moment, he was finally diagnosed as asthmatic in August (after months of being told he has bronchiolitis, viral wheeze and various other things). I still get told repeatedly by registrars that they don't diagnose asthma in under 5s! He has now been put on Seretide 125 one puff, twice per day in addition to his montelukast granules as 600mcg of clenil a day wasnt working. After 4 weeks his wheezing still doesn't seem to be under control. He has just spent the weekend in hospital ending up in the HDU as the hourly nebulisers were not making him any better he was put onto IV salbutamol. We weren't due to see his consultant again until February but this has been brought forward to two weeks time as they are concerned his asthma was so bad this time.

He has an appointment for ENT next month as he has a number of other symptoms which after almost a year and various tests are now being attributed to very large adenoids. My son hasn't slept through the night for a year and a half now since he was one year old. Most nights it can be anything between 3-10 times he wakes up. He drinks massive amounts of water at one point was 4 litres a day but we have cut this down a little now to about 3 litres.

I was wondering if there is anyone else on here with an asthmatic child who has had their adenoids removed and willing to share their experiences.

Thanks x

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  • Hiya , ye my son suffers with adenoids also, we had a really terrible time with hinm for about three years but with the help of daily antihistimes and allergy testing we identified what was causing his adenoids to inflame. We have also used nasal steroids on and off for a few years. We have also been informed that he suffers with obstructive sleep apnea but these epidodes have reduced loads and I definatly believe anti histamine has played a big part in his improvementm

    Hope this helps. X

  • My son suffers too. We use daily antihistamines and limit his exposure to the things he's allergic too. We are expecting an ent referral about them and his tonsils soon.

  • Hi My son is 15 now and has had asthma all his life really. He also suffers with allergies and nasal problems, including nose bleeds. He was diagnosed with Rhinitis a few years ago. He is on daily antihistamines. And been on a nasal spray Nasonex about two years.

    He still has runny noses, sneezes constantly and always seems to have cold symptoms. Despite all the meds he is on.

    So he was referred to ENT recently. ENT consultant said he needs his adenoids out and other procedures to help with his nasal problems. We are waiting for date for op.

    have to say I am worried about the op because of his asthma problems. He has never had a general anaesthetic before so chewed to bits about it really. But looking at things in prospective, am hoping the op will give him a better quality of life. Poor bairn gets tired out so easy, and he gets fed up with the constant nasal problems.

    So think it is a good thing to talk to ENT Consultant. you may get answers or at least a clearer picture of what the actual problems are, and what can be done.

    I think all the kids with asthma go through so much. One problem after the other. It is not easy for them or us.

    Good luck anyway


  • I'm afraid i can't help re adenoids but shelly, to hopefully try to ease your fears slightly i've had 2 general anaesthetics and didn't have any asthma issues with either :-) The first one made me quite sick but thats a different problem altogether

  • Thanks for that info jinglfairy, much appreciated.


  • Thanks for all your replies. We have now had the ENT appointment and my son has been referred for a procedure under general anasthetic to look at and potentially remove his adenoids. They are also considering putting grommets into one ear as well. I am also scared at the thought of the general aesthetic.

  • Thanks for all your replies. We have now had the ENT appointment and my son has been referred for a procedure under general anasthetic to look at and potentially remove his adenoids. They are also considering putting grommets into one ear as well. I am also scared at the thought of the general aesthetic.


    I'm so sorry to hear about your little boy being so poorly and needing an op. I hope he's OK. My little girl has just turned 1 and just been diagnosed with asthma, which is a huge learning curve, so I wanted to thank you for your blogs it made me realise we're not alone in this. Hope all goes OK.

  • Its not easy is it, we seemed to go round and round in circles for ages before we finally got his diagnosis in August and even to get that was a fight. We constantly got that they dont diagnose asthma in under 5s. Even now we are still struggling with getting his asthma under control, we dont seem to have his medications quite right yet.

    Now we have finally got somewhere with the excessive drinking, snoring, sleepless nights etc today I am looking forwards to Mondays asthma consultant appointment. Hopefully now we can move forwards with getting this asthma under control although I fear these frequent asthma attacks will not be preventable. We are using the blue inhaler less than we were with this purple inhaler and the montelukast granules but he has still been in hospital since starting it 6 weeks ago. His attacks seem to be pretty severe and come on very quickly often with little warning.

    cash79 - I have just seen your message on another thread I can relate to what you are going through.

    My son throws terrible tantrums todays was so bad he almost passed out although his dont make his asthma too much worse. My son has a purple inhaler for in the morning and at night and he also has montelukast granules. The blue inhaler we give whenever he is wheezy. If he is bad we give 2 puffs, wait 2 minutes if no better give another two, repeating this until we are up to 10 puffs. If we feel he is still struggling then we take him to the hospital as this is what they have told us to do.

    Do you see a consultant at the hospital? We have found our sons consultant very helpful and informative. We also see the allergy nurse each time we see him and she is brilliant at giving advice on the best methods to give inhaler and reassuring us if we are worried.

  • Glad the appointment went well with the ent consultant. Fingers crossed this op will make a big difference. My ds had a procedure on his airway under general when he was 13 months and it was scary thinking of him going under but they took such good care of him and he and all the kids on his ward all bounced back so quickly.

    All the best.

  • Hi again,

    Thanks for youe message. My daughter just under the GP and asthma nurse at the mo but got a follow up appointment with the nurse in a few weeks as she's only just started on a preventer and releiver and they want to see how she goes. Though she's woken up today sneezing and with a really runny nose so if we're following her normal pattern the coughing will start late tonight and she'll probably have a chest infection by mid week. Just hoping that now the asthma has been diagnosed and we've now got some medicine for her it may not be that bd this time. Fingers crossed. On the plus side its been nearly 3weeks since she was last really poorly and thats the longest she's been well since she was about 10weeks old!!! How's your little one?

    Cash 79

  • Well we had the appointment with his respiratory consultant today and his dose of seretide has been increased, he is also being given Nedocromil inhaler to take and a flixonase nasal spray we also continue the montelukast. He is being seen again in 4-8weeks depending when they can fit us in for an appointment and is going to be allergy tested sooner if possible. Due to his adenoid problems we have been warned he will be more prone so suffering in what his consultant is saying will be a bad winter. As he mouth breathes the cold air and allergens don't get filtered out or something so will affect him a lot. We are also having a longer appointment next time to give the consultant longer to examine him and discuss his progress. We are all hopeful that the adenoidectomy will relieve a lot of his breathing problems but due to waiting lists have no idea how long this could be until I get the letter confirming the date.

  • Another question for anyone who may know... Thomas is now on 2 steroid medications and also has oral steroids every couple of weeks at the moment... Do I need to worry if he comes into contact with chickenpox as have been doing a lot of research and some websites are saying I should have him vaccinated against it or at least if he comes into contact with it to get preventative medications from the GP due to lowered immune system/white blood cells.

  • Sorry to hear he's got another inhaler but hope it helps. Did you find out what it's called?

    Also my ds got chicken pox about a month after 2weeks on pred. He got a chest infection and needed antibiotics with the chicken pox but other than that was fine. Still try and avoid them and if he does come into contact see the GP.

  • Yep the new inhaler is a nedocromil inhaler and new nasal spray is flixonase.

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