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Some ideas and help please

I am off work with asthma atm as i have a constant wate feels like weight on my lungs and chest gets a lot worse when walk or even make a cupa tea went to a n e 3 weeks a go now they said it was costochondritis bean back to my gp now on my 3rd lot of Prednisolone for 5 days 6 tables in morning thort i was feeling better now it feels worse and back to the same thing i dont no what to do ideas !

thanks in advance for you help mat

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Hi mat,

What have docs done med wise apart from the steroids?

If you are struggling like this your meds should be upped or other things added to help you get control again.



I'm with Angelica on this idea if it makes sense scientifically or is just in my head/me being weird, but I found pred is more effective now I have other medication (inhaled steroids, montelukast). Plus you want to be on those instead of pred where possible as they have fewer side effects.

I'd make an appt with GP or asthma nurse asap (ie this week, not in a few weeks).


See my gp on last night 4Xam n 4xpm symbicort and perds bean there 6 time over the last 3 weeks just after a second apiion that all


There are meds other than symbicort that could be added to your maintainance regime to help get you off the pred. So see your asthma team soon. Good luck


Have you been allergy tested? I'm having a flare up for last five weeks for first time in three years. Having been diagnosed with birch and grass pollen allergy previously I received blood test results back yesterday and ideas off the scale for mould allergy, something I've never suffered with before but this year is the worst on record for it due to constant damp. I'd highly recommend you get tested. To rule it out if nothing else.


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