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Work's too cold

Why don't people take you seriously. I'm at work right now typing this. I've been sitting at my desk all day working....and I am freezing. I'm so cold it's hurting. Everytime I breath in, I ca feel the cold in my throat. I've told my manager that I'm cold, but he just says, oh I don't want to mess with the heating. Why don't they take it seriously?...I'm soooooo cold :(

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Can you try someone more senior or your H & S officer to ask for the temperature to be increased.

If your work will not increase the temperature keep a note of who you have asked to get the temperature higher and if possible try and find out what the temperature is where you are working and make a note of the dates, times and temperatures. Depending on where you work you can report cold working temperatures to your local environmental health department or to the HSE. There is guidance on suitable working temperatures on the HSE website.


take a thermometer in with you

it used to be a minimum of 60F lower than that is illegal


We have the same problem in our office - all the heat goes out of the skylights and we have one helpful member of staff who keeps turning the radiators off because he's too hot. Last week I mentioned to one of the directors that I was freezing and showed off my very blue fingers. She informed me that I wasn't cold, I was comfortable. That made me feel so much better!

Anyway, for me the answer is that wearing several thin layers of clothing is warmer than wearing one thick jumper, so get your thermals on and wear several layers on top. You can always take one or two off if you're too warm.

Of course, that doesn't help with the typing if your fingers get really cold and as it's really difficult to type wearing mittens (hee hee)I've got no idea how to help you there.


I agree with talking to someone more senior. There should definitely be a minimum working temperature and if it is too cold for you then they should do something about it!

I also struggle at work though and constantly find it cold, especially in the air conditioned laboratory's! I find wearing lots of thin layers, like Annista said you can take them off if you get too warm. As for typing I quite often wear fingerless gloves as it keeps the majority of my hands warm and I can still type and do other work.

But if you can get someone to increase the heat of the building then that would definitely help. Good luck :)


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