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Worried Mum of 5yr old

Hi, My son is now 5 but was diagonsed with asthma this time last year - he was coughing alot during the night and eventually making himself sick! He was give a brown preventer inhaler and this seemed to work brilliantly. However the last 10 days or so he has been struggling big time so the GP gave him a blue inhaler to use when needed - this has not seemed to help and he is struggling day and night (coughing, brethless and eventually making himself sick - this seems to be very phlemy and sticky!)

I am at a loss of what to do I hate to see him like this and it is starting to effect his every day life!!

Has anybody else seen these problems and has anyone got any advice?

Sarah x

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Hi Sarah

I would take him to see your GP tomorrow or if you are concerned about him tonight take him to the out of hours doctors service or your local A&E. Don't ever think you would be wasting their time, it is really important to get him checked. If the blue inhaler isn't helping, he needs to be seen by a doctor ASAP. It may be that he has a chest infection and needs antibiotics or a course of steroid tablets or a nebuliser but only someone medically trained can make that judgement.

I hope you have a better night and your son improves. Let us know how he gets on.

Clare x


what Clare said

what colour is the phlegm?

no matter how bad my asthma is my blue inhaler always helps me to breathe more easily

and my brown inhaler keeps my asthma under control even during my worst months, July and August, so do please get help for him


My son did the same it sounded like phlem but it isn't. The lungs get irrateted and make phlem like goop. he is always clearing his throat now hes on Singulair he's amazing at night now x


i also got a 5 year old boy he was diagnosed 2 years ago we are having a rough time of it at the moment im at my doctors with him nearly every week . his inhalers dont seem to work .


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