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asthma not apparently a serious medical condition *frustrated*

Good night all,

I hope everyone is doing well and having a pleasant weekend with nellie, steve and the like hopefully far away. I havent been on in quite a while, due to being off work sick and eventually having to quit the job I d mentioned in previous posts, did take a bit too long to leave and as a result asthma has got much worse then its even been and it still not quite controlled. Lots of new meds, a new job, and seven months later not much has changed in terms of asthma, although I have become a bit more vigilant about it and a bit better about taking meds on time. I did start the Masters program I d been looking forward to, but unfortunately will be unable to complete it as an essential course ( a two week field practical involving 3 hours hiking daily) I am medically unable to complete. And of course since the committee at my uni has seen asthma as not a serious enough medical condition to warrant a medical exemption, i am left with no options but to transfer to another program of study. This infuriates me to know end. I havent been able to discussion this with family as yet, they also think asthma isnt that bad and I should get on with it. I m not sure what I m after by posting this. Sigh. I do apologize for rambling on as I tend to do. I hope all is well. have a good night. Cheers :)

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Hi Jasmine. Not met you on here - quite new myself. I understand the frustration though of not being able to do what you want to do, and of family etc not appreciating how serious it is - 2 weeks ago on announcing first thing that they had to get out of bed, I needed to go to A&E, my family took 45 minutes to get ready while I was making bloody packed lunches and trying not to keel over!

I hope you can get back to health soon, and maybe be able to complete the physical requirements of your course, but it is annoying how discriminating it all is. Take care!


Sometimes with your uni you have to stick your heels in and be very stubborn to get what you want. I have had issues with my health and not being able to safely complete one essential part of my degree and this had a knock on effect that I could not pass my external professional qualifications. I was being pushed between uni and professional body for about a year before being told they would both accept the situation and partially register me for professional registration. As it turned out I was the first person allowed to do this. It took a lot of time but I did not see the point of giving up on several years of hard work... It can be done but you have to be prepared for a battle...


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