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Madness LOL

I've just done my annual madness and entered 2 winter races!!!!

this one in december

and this one in february

the santa dash is 5k and i've done that every year for the last 5-6 years - absolutely love it!!!! We all get dressed in santa suits to run and i always put loads of tinsel & bells in my hair so you hear me before you see me haha

the other is 10k and i did it for the first time last year - not quite as much fun but a good run just the same

All i have to hope is that my lungs behave on the days!!!

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Good luck jinglefairy. I hope all goes well for you. I recently did the Royal Parks Half for AUK and loved every minute of it. I thought my lungs would never be good enough to do it but they were ok, which is quite suprising as I'd had a short course of pred 2 1/2 weeks before and only 4 days after was on pred again. I though I was just going to have to watch. Good luck with both runs, have fun. xx


thanks lou, how long did it take you to do the half? I'm not up to that,10k is my limit at the moment. My next target is a 15k then MAYBE a half - i have NO intentions of doing a full marathon ever!!!


As I was heading towards the finish line of the half the thought of going twice as far just seemed like torture. The half was a really good distance for me, not too hard but a fantastic achievment. Prior to training for and doing the half I'd run a few 10ks very sporadically in my casual running, and the extra distance is very achievable with not too much extra training, so maybe you should give it a go. I did it in 1:53:58. I couldn't belive it, I'd thought I might finish in something like 2:10/2:15 if I didn't have to stop and walk with lungs, so I just couldn't believe my time, I think I just got carried away on the day when lungs were behaving really well. My lungs have a habbit of being good during the day but bad at night, my PF charts look like the alps.

Dressing up as santa sounds very amusing, and everyone will hear you jingling as you run :D. Fingers crossed your lungs behave, remember to take your ventolin first ;)


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