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i got my results from atos healthcare for my esa .and cant believe this healthcare person states my opinion mr brown does not have asthma as during his 10 minute interview he never wheezed one .i have had asthma since i was 5 so about 35 years now,im on steroids .salbutamol,singulair .and symbicort and am just out of hosp after another severe attack from which i was told i was near deaths door as my blood oxygen was poor and i was shutting down ...anyway anyone else had this problem with atos im disgusted with them

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So sorry to hear this Graeme. There have been a few programmes on TV about these work capability interviews and decisions etc and I personally have been dreading the arrival of the brown envelope summoning me!! I think it is important that you talk to your doctors about this and get further evidence from them and appeal against this decision. Best of luck.


omg that is terrible!! You might not know, but there are a LOT of ATOS 'professionals' who are currently being investigated by their regulatory bodies (NMC for nurses, GMC for doctors) due to issues of poor conduct and judgements. It is disgusting but sadly Im not surprised. I would make LOTS of noise!! If you have their name and professional role, I would consider complaining to their regulatory body, as well as complaining about the result itself. Consider also contacting your local disability rights coalition, your MP and the press! The press would seriously run with an issue like that...

I hope you are feeling a bit better now after your last admission..

Lynda :)


If you want to complain this might help!

Complaining to the DWP

If you wish to make a complaint to the DWP about the treatment you have received or the quality of their service, the following leaflet explains how to do so.

In extreme circumstances, you may be able to show that there has been maladministration by the DWP and as a result there may be a case for financial redress. This is explained in more detail in the following document.

Complaining to ATOS Healthcare

If you wish to make a formal complaint you should write to:-

Atos Healthcare

4 Triton Square

Regent's Place



or alternatively at

Be very carefull with ESA as the mobilising descriptor takes into account using an imaginery wheelchair so when you answer your ESA50 form you have to make sure you state that your respiratory condition would make it difficult to propel a wheelchair as this would make you very breathless etc depending on your situation. This is important if you have EIA.

You also have to ram evidence down ATOS throat so they get the point otherwise they will just ignore what you say. It might be worth getting copies of your medical records to get copies of letters from consultants and admission etc... For example if you have symptoms everyday and you have discussed this with your consultant and he has written it in a letter, refernce and highlight this information on your form. Also if you have the letters from your initial asthma diagnosis include these as your evidence.

Have you asked for a Subject Access Report to see what was written from your ATOS medical?

Sorry waffled loads and this probably does not help...


was at citizens advice and appeal has now been writen also attended my doctor who was shocked after reading the statement .my doctor has written another sick line . this time stating that i am just out of hospital and and still recovering from last attack and still on my steroids .anyway thanks everyone for the replys graeme


After having trouble with my ESA assesment eariler this year regarding Asthma and other disabillities, they soon put my ESA back and give me back pay. When I treaten them with legal action. Make as much noise as possible about this so Astmatics get treated fairly. OK Asathma is not not seen as a disabillity BUT its EFFECTS are DISABILING and Asthma does have a big effect on your employment or employerbility.


It is possible to get into the support group for ESA for asthma as long as you present the right evidence and complete the ESA50 correctly.


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