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Hello Little Miss Independant is here.

I have made a personal decision that I need to be fully independant again.

Yes there are barriers/hurdles to overcome but being dependant has made me miserable.

I want to share with people what I am doing in the hope it will help others too.

I also hope others may have ideas on how to overcome barriers I face.

I could not find a similar threasd so have started one.

This starting post is just the post descriptions keep reading replies for more.

My personal starting place is to tell myself daily I am independant!

Hope this thread benefits and helps other people too.

P.s it is in other because it not speciffically on asthma but on being independant.

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Starting barriers are hot meals, opening nebules, unlocking doors, hot drinks, twisting objects and telling people around me.


Good on you Plumie, keep us posted on your progress!!


Good luck hun - let us know how you get on sending lots of independent hugs your way!

With you on the opening nebules thing... why make them so blooming hard to do many a time I have had to get my 5year old to do it because I can't when I'm bad!



Little miss independant is sorry for lack of posts. My consultant decided to stop all my nebuliser treatment to help me be independant. I cannot open nebules, set up a nebuliser or transport a nebuliser so my consulant stopped all nebulised treatment and put me on accuhalers. I have been very fatigued ever since and seem to sleep most of the time. So little miss independant can do all my own medication but as a negative sleeps most of the time. Sorry for lack of posts. Plumie


Hi Plumie,

Sorry that they have stopped your nebs just because you cannot open them.

I assume the accuhalers are not working so well?

Is there anyway, a gadget as such that you could use to open the nebs?

Some easy gripper thingy??

Do you have a 24/7 carer though that takes away some independence?

Sorry you are feeling very tired from all this.... hope they can suggest something to help...




Hello kate

I am guessing byy 24 7 carer you mean my husband. Yes I am married. But as any married couple would tell you you need a bit of time apart and the hisband does not ways want to do for you so you have to maintaon some of your own independance. Asi any married couple.

I have not found any gripper item yet nor has my matron. She says it requires a human and my husband not medically knowledgable by choice.

I manage with one blue accuhaoler per day and my gp aware.

I really want to be independant and I will keep trying.



I don't know how I missed this post, Plumie, but I understand how hard it is to take back your independence and I hope you can get there, even if it does take a while.


Hi Plummie,

how is your independence bid going? I think independence is extremely important, even if it doesn't mean physically. Sometimes it means how you think about yourself and how you deal with other people who deal with you. I have been compelled to rely on others at certain times in my life, and it was difficult. sometimes, even if we need other people to help us with many things everyday, we still need our own privacy and the chance to make decisions for ourselves. When I am at my weakest, I need help to get upright in bed or out to the toilet.Being near a window helps. When you can see outside, you can participate in the wider world that way, by looking outside at the changes brought on by the weather, birds coming and going and watching people. I like to write stories when I'm feeling creative. Telling people about being independent was a very brave and positive step, I think. Sandy


Hi Plumie!

so glad to see your determination. it really encourages and inspires me. i yend to get easily depressed by my situation of being dependant on others cpr so many things. but as has already been said i think our outlook and attitude can change so.muchin our quality of life.

also i know that in the olden days 80s/90s neb meds came in little bottles with lids and a.pipette. would this perhaps be easier (if they are still in production) as i imagine it is easier to get an adaptive grip to help with ywisting a bottle lod rather than individual nebules. this might be something to enquire about?

i hope you continue to make progtess in gaining independance both emotianally and physically.

wishing you all the best.



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