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My son is newly diagnosed with asthma

Is it normal for me to be feeling so anxious and helpless and angry? How did you other parents feel when you got the diagnosis? I should be feeling relief that his coughing has an answer and treatment, but I am so anxious and scared. I feel like I'm on edge and could cry at any given moment.

Any advice on how to come to terms with this?

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Hi Tracey

Welcome to the forum. It is normal to feel anxious, helpless & angry. I remember feeling very upset when my daughter was diagnosed. For me I found finding out a much as possible about asthma helped. The Adviceline is brilliant and I joined Asthma UK to find out as much as possible, they have some great leaflets & booklets. I remember the first 4 months being a rollercoaster of emotions and for me the worst time was the GP phoning me on a Friday afternoon at 5.50 to tell me her x-ray was abnormal & did I want her referred to the hospital.

Ask as many questions as you need to, go to the GP as often as you are worried. I did cry usually due to fear & frustration. Don't bottle up your emotions and get family & friends to give you support.

Asthma is frightening and it is the not knowing how your child is going to be from day to day. Hopefully it will get easier as you learn to identify your son's triggers and you both become more confident at dealing with any attacks. I have certainly found it does get easier with time, we are now 5 years down the line and managing, but asthma can change and it is important to seek advice whenever you notice any changes.

Good Luck


Hi, Tracey.

My three year old has just been diagnosed as well. At first I was relieved. I'd been looking for an answer for a year and was so glad to finally have an answer and treatment for her.

Now we're home from the hospital I feel completely lost and scared. I feel alone and so worried for my little girl. At hospital with nebulisers and doctors and nurses on hand I felt safe. Now I feel far from it! :( I've realised there's so little I know. So many answers I forgot to ask at the hospital. I feel totally helpless and terrified!

I've joined this site hoping to meet other parents of asthmatic children so I don't feel so alone. Also to get some answers to my many, many questions!

How old is your little boy?


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