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Asthma and amytriptyline for pain


what are other peoples experiences of having severe asthma and taking amitryptiline for pain control.

My Rheumatologist has given me low dose to try at night as I have long term problems from steroids affecting muscles, tendons etc. causing severe neck and shoulder pain on occasions at night.... supposed to help relax said muscles...

I am aware it is a sedative type.

Hope it doesn't make me sleep too deeply as that is when I can have problems with not waking with my asthma until I am quite bad SOB etc...

Many thanks


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Hi Kate,

Ive been on it for around 8/10 years due to OA. Pain in back,neck and knees that had ops on both.

Im on 50mg morning and 50 mg at night.

I sleep ok apart from leg cramps at the moment with diuretics and now steroids.

Good luck with


Hey Kate,

I was started on a very, very low dose for similar reasons (muscles weakness/pain in legs, arms and neck) about four months ago. I haven't had any problems waking up when SOB or having an attack and sorting out nebs. I do wonder whether it has made me sleepier/dozier though but on such a teeny dose I don't know. I was a bit like you and wouldn't take it for several days because I didn't know what the sedative effects would be.

How you getting on with respimat. I was on this last year but went back to four respontin nebs a day purely because I couldn't be doing with flitting between the two depending on whether I was good or bad so went with the one that fits both situations.

Take care




Thanks for the advice, I am going to start to take it regularly as My rheum cons said just when needed which won't work ... was finally seen in pain clinic yesterday and they helped allay my worries a bit about it and said it needs to be taken every night to have an effect. So I will be from tonight.

The only annoying thing is it says NO alcohol on the box.... I did ask the pharmacist today and he said once I have got used to the med I could try one glass of wine mid afternoon.... Grrr!

I only drink a little at weekends anyway, but would be nice to have a few when on holiday..

Oh well, will see how it goes..

Thanks folks




Hi Kate,

I've been on 75mg at night for about a year now for pain control and as a preventitive measure for migraines. I found at the beginning I was waking up in the morning still feeling as if I'd not slept and completely zonked, but this settled after about a week or so.

I don't drink at all so I can't offer any advice on that regard, but I do know people that drink on it but just find it knocks them out. But that's not something you really want to do with the chances of it depressing your respiratory drive.

If I can be of anymore help, let me know :)

Vicky xxx


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