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Using ventolin before exercise

I've been to the gym a few times in the past week for the first time since I moved to uni (when I got here my asthma got a lot worse and I couldn't exercise). The first few times I really stuggled to do anything like running on treadmills or biking fast and then I remembered that I should use my ventolin before exercise. I tried using it today and was no different. I have a cough and a cold right now and I have been uncontrolled for apparently my whole life (since I was only diagnosed in april but it's likely I've always had it). I have reasonable control right now though so I would have thought that I could manage the gym. Maybe it's the damn cold!

Anyways, I was wondering if there was supoosed to be a minimum amount of time to wait between using ventolin and exercise? I took it just before I left my room to walk to gym, which is at the top of a hill. If I wait longer would it help me more, or is it just not going to do anything? I would experiment but I'm going again tomorrow and would like to have an idea of what to do!

Thanks :)

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I take my ventolin before exercise, usually its about 15mins from taking it, to starting the gentlest exercise. This was advise by a gym instructor, which I spoke to, though I'm not yet comfortable taking on anything more physical at the moment, till I know where I stand with my asthma. But whilst I'd say I'm more of a winter girl, the cold weather does seem to have my asthma symptoms playing up.


i don't always need my ventolin before exercise - especially if the exercise is indoors. I like to go running but found i would ALWAYS suffer afterwards. Last time i went out i took my ventolin about 15 minutes before and it felt so much better - while i was running my chest didn't feel like it was on fire and afterwards i could talk easily to my running friends - usually unheard of!!

i did start coughing again about an hour after i got home but not quite as bad as usual - result for me. I'm going out running again tonight let's hope it's just as successful


i always take mine 15 minutes before exercise. i know about it if i dont


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