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Persistent cough

I am in my 50s and have had asthma since I was a very small child. Most of my adult life it hasn't bothered me much at all and I haven't even had to take a regular preventer. A couple of years ago I had a cold which resulted in a cough that never really went away. It got to the point where I bearly noticed it. During that time my husband was ill with cancer and I spent very little time thinking about my own health. He died earlier this year and gradually I have noticed this cough getting increasingly worse. I did not have any weazing and nothing seemed to make me feel as though it was my asthma. I eventually went to the doctor who suggested Gaviscon in case it was stress related stomach upset and antihistame in case it was an allergy. I had to ask him for a chest x-ray in case it was cancer. He also suggested I take my preventive medication regularly. Although the preventer relieved the cough a bit, it did not help much so the doctor increased the dosage. The problem I now have is that I have a constant sore throat and I am only taking enough medication to find a balance between the cough and the sore throat.

I'm reluctant to go back to the doctor as its such a long drawn out process of explaining it all to him over again and I don't feel that he is interested.

Rather than taking the medication I would prefer to find out why I have this cough. Can anyone tell me whether it is likely to be stress due to my bereavement? I did mention to the doctor that I am stressed but he wasn't interested.

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I would see a doctor, if one GP in your practice is not interested can you see another?

Something is wrong whether your bereavement is causing it or not.


Diane, I am so sorry for your loss and can understand you being stressed

do you cough up phlegm and what colour is it?

have you tried a regular cough medicine?

as well as your cough are having difficulty breathing?

perhaps a phone call to the asthma nurse would help you, freephone telephone number top left of every page

I hope you get it sorted soon, do let us know how you get on


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