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Changes in symptoms

Over the weekend I've had two episodes where I suddenly became very short of breath, although it resolved after taking my ventolin and I was only short of breath for 10-15 mins each time. Prior to this my asthma had been good for me - only using ventolin 2-3 times a week.

When I have had attacks before, it has been a gradual worsening of breathlessness, tight chest and coughing rather than coming on and going away so suddenly.

Is this anything to worry about or should I not bother since ventolin seems to be sorting it out?

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hi all l am new to this forum and was diagnosed with asthma when l was 40 after an attack of pneumonia which l as hospitilized as time has gone on it has gradually got worse. Sometimes l feel that l am not in control with it . l used to go the gym 3 times a week but cannot manage it now although l manage swimming once a week. l am on on Seritide and blue inhaler which l have to take several times since Saturday mainly because we are decorating and the paint fumes get to me.Would love to find an alternative or something that may help me with the inahlers.



Spookymilo, my experience has been fairly similar to yours. For years I only coughed, then I started what my friends called my 'fish out of water' impression - lots of wheezing and shortness of breath which was sorted out by plenty of ventolin. After about 10 years of that I got slow building shortness of breath, which was very difficult to get under control and over the last couple of years I've gone back to coughing again. I have absolutely no idea why the symptoms change, but it seems that every time they do my lungs get grumpier and more things upset them.

As to whether you need to adjust your medication, I would say that it depends on how often you have problems and how severe they are.

For a long time I didn't have a preventer because attacks were rare. Later I was given flixotide which I didn't use because it affected me badly - not clever, but I preferred the asthma to the side effects of the flixotide. I'm now a reformed character and use my symbicort first thing every morning, avoid things I know are triggers and have had no major problems for about 18 months.

If you're at all unsure speak to your GP - you might get a change of medication that will help, or you might be advised to stick to the approach you are using.

Coral, paint fumes get to me as well and I've found that the best remedy is to be somewher else!


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