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I was given a community matron in january. When I require support, guidance, advise or information I contact her. This service means I have a paid professional who has access to all nhs services and all social services and all government services. The service can be accessed monday to friday. It is a single point. It means I receive consistency in care as I talk to only one person about all aspects of my life. She keeps track of all that is happening in my life. Do any other people. Access this service? Or has other people heard of it?

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Hi plumie,

I have a respiratory nurse who I can contact and can give me (limited) advice, refer me to things like respiratory counselling, people who can help me with any aids I might need etc.

Is that the kind of thing?

I think their role is bigger than this but because I'm too unstable at present they can't do too much with me.



Hello Plumie,

I have a community Matron, part of the district Nursing team I am now under.

She has helped with accessing or trying to , other services such as Soc Serv, though it is hard going as the waiting time is so silly.

she has managed to get some things sorted for me..... and can rant on my behalf.



I'm glad your experience has been so positive - mine has been anything but!

I think the problem with mine is that she is extremely set in her ways, and therefore determined to change everything about me and my way of doing things to match her and her protocols! One example is home Intravenous anitbiotics, whihc I had been doing for about two years before she became involved. Whilst insisting her job was only ever 'there to support me', in practice this meant insisting that all protocols and policies were changed to match hers, even when this specifically went against what I had been doing, or what I had been taught. when what I was doing was working, this was difficult to accept.

Where before I was able to contact the person from whom I needed help directly, she kept getting uppity thta I hadn't gone through her, even though this would have meant several days' delay, an additional party getting involved (which does so often cause additional confusion), and of course more work for her.

I think I am just unlucky. I've been very independent and managed to knock things into shape around me. They're not always perfect, but I don't want them getting knocked down unless it is for absolute definite that the alternative is an improvement. This caused some difficulties.


Hi kate and carrie,

That sounds just like my community matron. It does take a lot longer to get anywhere but you do get there eventually. Social services is a mind field and in my experience they cannot talk to nhs no matter how many data protection forms you sign (sorry emc) my community matron came in saying I must not be left alone due to medical reasons and it created hell for my family. I have a positive and a negetaive experience. But I am glad other people have this service as I know I am not alone.

Thank you for replying. Hope we can chat a bit more and compare experiences.



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