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Don't seem to be improving

I have been having some trouble with my chest for just over a week now. Last Thursday I went to my GP as I could feel that I had a chest infection starting. He said he couldn't hear anything and sent me away with a course of prednisolone.

By Monday I was worse and went back, this time they could hear it and gave me amoxicillin for the infection. By Wednesday I still wasn't feeling any better so went back again, this time they ended up calling an ambulance for me as my breathing was so bad. The hospital gave me a nebuliser which helped and told me to continue with the steroids and antibiotics.

I'm now on day 7 of steroids and day 4 of antibiotics but don't seem to be feeling any better. I still have an audible wheeze and am taking ventolin every couple of hours.

I don't want to be a pain but surely I should be seeing an improvement by now. I have another appointment tomorrow but I'm not sure what else they can do!

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hi jodie if you use ventolin more than 5 times in a day u need to go to a n e are u haveing attacts all the time if u are hope u get better soon try and get an appointment with an asthma nurse as they are better than gps or ask to see a gp that has a specilam in asthma

all the best hope u feel better soon

mathew :)


Hi - you and me both!

I'm off work at the moment with a bad bout and can't seem to shift it. Have been on prednisolone since 25th September - getting worse to the point where I was at A&E on Sat night, again Mon morn, nebuliser again Mon afternoon and told off for not calling an ambulance on Sun and Mon night! Thank God the new dose of 6omg of prednisolone is having an effect but the side effects are horrendous - hours of feeling like cotton wool and being unable to hold a cup because I'm so ""squishy"" Seeing doctor again in an hour, and not sure I'm ready to be back at work on Monday - peak flow is still v low, and I'm so tired - the bad nights and now the insomnia aren't helping. I hope you start to feel better very soon - I know exactly what you're going through - and if you're up late tonight - might see you here!


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