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I had a cold around three weeks ago, since then I've had a productive cough. The phlegm is thick & sticky but clear/white. In the past few days I've been getting a strange 'vibrating' noise upon inhaling and exhaling and more so on deep breaths. If I cough, I remove some phlegm and the noise sometimes stops. PF is ~350 from 550 but I don't feel that symptomatic. Any suggestions what this could be?

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I have asthma and the The phlegm I cough up is thick & sticky but clear/white.

Is the vibrating noise you mention a wheeze?

when I wheeze and cough up phlegm the wheeze usually goes away


It sounds like you have my crackle. Inflammation in the airways. Keep an eye that the colour does not. Change and watch out for a tempreture. When you are crackling try reliever as it may get rid of it. Sounds like asthma playing up. I crackle every day and cough up white phelgm. You are not alone. Sorry I do not have a cure.


clear/whitish mucous is produced by inflamed airways. If it gets infected, it turns green. The noise you describe is the mucous rattling around in your lungs when you breathe. Taking your reliever can sometimes help by opening up the airways and allowing you to cough it up and clear your chest.

Papworth recommend the use of an acapella to help keep airways open and clear, this is what I use. Your physiotherapist should be able to give you more information about acapellas.

Lynda :)


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