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My DD has been referred to hospital because despite being on a lot of medication, every time she has something added within a few weeks she seem to be used to that and back to struggling again. She is now having acute attacks for no apparent reason although she does recover quickly after ventolin. I got a call last night asking to bring her for an appointment on Tuesday morning to see a paediatrician (excuse the spelling) but I am not sure what to expect and worried we will just be told to carry on giving her the meds long term.

I thought when she was referred it would be to someone who specialises in asthma and not a doctor who sees a bit of everything. I really am dreading being fobbed off and left with loads more questions (especailly as my hubby is away and I have to take her on my own). Has anyone had the sort of thing and do you think it will be useful to go? What would be good things to ask?



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