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Now my child is older they are wanting to go a little further afield to play out - they used to play outside our house so that was easy if they needed their inhaler, then they used to play in the field behind our house. However today they wanted to go to the next road which is only a 2 minute walk away. Until now they have not taken their inhaler with them but I think they now need to (they are only 8).

do you get your child to take their inhaler with them? Have you found a good bag they can easily carry with them in?


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  • Afraid I cannot offer advice about getting your child to take inhaler out with them, but the following link will prove useful for finding a useful carrying method

  • Hi

    My DD is having acute attacks for no obvious reason and so we took her shopping and she chose two bags that she would use to take her inhaler out and about with her. Once she'd told her friends why she had her bag with her they accepted it and they even check she has it with her. She also uses it to carry around a mobile phone so she can call if she is unwell. It is harder with our son though as he doesn't want to carry anything round with him. I think if they get the chance to choose what they like they will hopefully be more likely to actually use it.



  • Hi

    Wherever, my daughter goes her inhaler does to. She has ventolin with an aerochamber and I have bought cosmetic purses cheaply for her. However, she also has a turbohaler which is great as it fits in a coat pocket and is less bulky. When she goes out with school she likes her turbohaler as she can just put it in her coat pocket, but moans loudly about carrying her ventolin. The other thing I have invested in is a medic alert bracelet so that if she does get into difficulty people are aware she has asthma.

    It may be worth talking to your asthma nurse and asking whether a turbohaler is an option, my daughter's Consultant was more than happy to let her have one as it ensures compliance and is easy to carry.

  • Asthma UK's Kick Asthma Holidays encourage all children aged 7 and above to carry their own inhalers, and know when to use them - so from an age point of view, there's no problem.

    For the last three years we've been providing bumbags for the younger children, as these are a good way of giving them a ""pocket"" if they don't otherwise have one, and are more secure than just putting an inhaler in a pocket. You can pick up cheap bumbags online - a Google shopping search will find them from about £3 each.

  • I think at 8 I'd possibly go for a bum bag or small rucksack if having to carry the inhaler with a spacer. Little nutter is 6, so not really venturing too far from home on his own, he tends to just play outside the house. He has a medicine bag I tend to carry with him when out and about, same in school, (this is a small first aid bag containing all his meds) a staff member has his meds when out in the playground at school etc.

    As he gets older I will need to look into a way of him carrying his own medication, I had thought about getting a small rucksack or bumbag then having a keyring made to attach to it stating his asthma and allergies, and that epi pen/inhaler inside.

    Puffa pouches are also good though just for the inhaler itself and not a spacer.

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