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Cracked it!

I've been out with the running club tonight, we did 4 (ish) miles and i think for the 1st time i actually remembered to take my inhaler BEFORE we went out. (Been diagnosed for 20 years and only now deciding to take the reliever as a pre-emptive *sigh*)

What a difference it made!!!

I was able to run and talk - you're supposed to be able to but normally unheard of for me. Usually when we get back i'm struggling to breathe and talking is near impossible for about 20 minutes, tonight i was talking and actually feeling really good!!!

The run starts at 7(ish) and now my cough is coming back but that's about 2 hours later and not as bad as normal - couple of puffs of blue i'll probably be fine again :-)

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Good for you :). It makes such a difference when the lungs are well behaved during a run. I often find running a struggle breathing wise, but I feel soo good when lungs are working properly. Hopefully you'll remember to take pre emptive puffs next time you run and feel good for it too.


Good job!

I find the same - a few ""guffs"" of ventolin before I go out for a run with the running club does make a difference. I carry my ventolin in a little bumbag that I got from sports direct for £3. My regular running partner is also aware of what to do if I have an asthma attack as well as a couple of others. I would suggest if you haven't done already then let a couple of your running pals know what to do if you have an attack -sensible insurance methinks.

well done!


Well done.


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