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Seritide 125 & Singulair


I'm currently on 2 puffs of Seretide 125 twice daily plus Singulair at night, but I'm still coughing at night.

My breathing feels worse at night, and even after taking a puff of reliever I still feel as if I can't breath.

I'm due to have an asthma review on Wednesday with my practice nurse, would she be able to prescribe or

tweak my meds without seeing my G.P.



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The Asthma nurse I saw at my surgery was able to, and that was my 1st apt with the asthma nurse. Whenever I've visited the nurse for other reasons, and needed med's, they just went to get the doctor to sign.

Basically if I understand the Asthma nurse role, then they will be able to tweak med's, though they might ask you back sooner. I was only diagnosed 5wks ago, so might be wrong about that.


The asthma nurse has never been able to at my surgery. Is there a walk in centre you can go to if you can't get seen by your GP this week? don't struggle on, get it seen to as quickly as possible. The GP might even do it over a telephone consultation? Good luck.


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