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can anyone give me some advice on Symbicort turbohaler?

Hi all :)

Yesterday I was prescribed a budesonide/ formoterol (200/6) turbohaler. I used it last night and this morning and both times I've noticed a gritty feeling in my throat afterwards. Am I doing something wrong? It goes away after a few seconds but I've never used a dry powder inhaler like this before so I'm not sure :/

Also, my dose is twice in the morning and twice in the evenings. In the leaflet it says twice but morning or evening. Is this normal or am I on a strange dose? The doctor spent ages trying to work out what dosage to give me! Before I was on 800 of clenil.

Thanks :)

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I used to take Symbicort Turbohaler twice a day so I wouldn't worry too much.!


Not a strange dose, I am 3 times that amount, unlicensed!


Sounds like a standard dose to me, 2 puffs morning and evening. I think it would be unusual to take it morning or evening. Do you rinse your mouth out/gargle after taking the inhaler? It might help with the dry/gritty feeling.


That was the dose I was started with before I got put on the 'smart' system for symbicort.

Having a rinse or a drink after using it will help with the feeling in your throat.



Give the unhlaer a rinse sometimes the top gets clumbed up with the powder


It is usual to be prescribed it twice a day as the long lasting reliever lasts 12 hours so it is worth trying to use it 12 hours apart. I always have a drink on the go with mine as I get thrush easily with it. Also, I personally take each puff 5 minutes apart as I feel I get more of the 2nd (and third for me) dose into my lungs then, as the reliever starts to work fairly quickly. Your starting dose sounds fine to me for someone trying to regain control of their asthma, I am also on three times that dose. (I use the 400/12 turbohaler.)

Bird, you are not meant to get the Symbicort turbohaler near water, I am not sure if you are speaking about another type of turbohaler.


As others have said, twice a day is a normal dose ... I'm on 4 puffs 4 times a day so I wouldn't worry! Re the gritty throat, brushing teeth after using your symbicort is best but just a swig of water can help (i often do this with my daytime doses). Hope it does the trick for you!

B x


I'm on the same Symbicort 200/6, 2 puffs morning and evening, and have been using this for the last 12 / 18 months, maybe longer have lost count.

Personally I have found over time this is a far superior inhaler to my previous breath activated and aerosol inhalers and have actually told other asthmatic friends about it, because of the difference it has made to me.

I have not experienced a gritty feeling in my throat, but as others have already advised would suggest washing your mouth around after use.

Good luck I hope this works as well for you.


I am an asthma nurse. The gritty sensation is the lactose carrier that the drug is held in. This disapates once touching mucus membranes (e.g. throat). You should always rinse after a steroid inhaler as you can get oral thrush, a sore throat or hoarse voice.

often one starts 2 puffs twice a day, some need this or more to stay controlled, others can drop down to 1 puff twice daily once control has been gained for a while (under Health care Professional advice). Basically any inhaled steroid dose (even if it's higher than normal) is better than having to take oral steroid doses as a five day course of that is the equivalent of 200 days worth of symbicort inhaled at 2 puffs twice daily.

Hope this helps answer your queries:-)



Sorry only just seen this post, I am on Symbicort 400/12 but was previously on the 200/8. If you can swill your mouth with water after taking inhaler, helps prevent oral thrush. :) I was also on 2 doses twice a day and still am. If you have any concerns you can always speak to AUK helpline or maybe speak to your asthma nurse or GP again.

Good luck, hope the Symbicort works for you.


I was advised to rinse out my mouth.


I'm willing to bet this is a placebo or something homeopathic and that there isn't any real medicine in it.


While this is an old message I was just prescribed this trash so I may as well give my feedback. It is HORRIBLE! After using it, people ask me if I'm a smoker. They tell me I should get this cough looked at. It is such a useless product that I can't say anything pleasant about it.


I Have found that it is best to gargle and spit out the flem off of the back of my throat twice I then clean my teeth if this process is followed I have no problems with my voice and I do not need any other inhalers throughout the day not croaking at all.


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