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I currently have a Respironics Ventstream neb that I use mainly for ventolin/combivent/pulmacort and saline/atrovent from time to time.

I find it really loud, it wakes the whole house when I have to use it during the night, which isn't ideal. I don't really know anything about nebulisers to be honest, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might find better?

Also, I need to get a small portable one for out and about, does anyone use a portable one? What's a good model to go for? I saw the Omron MicroAir U22 on the evergreen website has anyone used one of these? It would only be used for pulamcort/combivent I think.

Thanks! X

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I have the medix Micronebs which I find amazing! They are silent and so don't wake people up in the night like my old ones have! The only thing to be aware of is to make sure you use rechargeable batteries and keep on top of charging the batteries up :) you can get a mains charger thing but am unsure about how they work! Maybe something to look in to!

I find the 'steam nebs' like the medix and omron ones take longer to dispense the liquid, eg instead of 4 mins for my old neb it's now 10 mins but for portability sake theybarebamazing. Light and I keep one of mine in a make up bag in my handbag for when I'm out! :)

Overall, the medix and omron are similar as far as I can tell, and I love them! My local neb shop recommended it 2 years ago and they're still going strong - only the batteries have died!

Ellie xxx


I have two nebulisers the Medix AC2000 is mains powered one which I find very good and my portable nebuliser is Respironics Micro Elite which I also find very good.


I have clement clarks world travellor. It has its own rechargable battery, it works on 12v car adaptor and on the mains. It fits in a rucksack. I have had this model for a year now. I had problems with micro air becuase atrovent clogged up three filters. I can. Take my world travellor evry where including other countries as it works with the two pin plugs as well as uk three pin plugs. I would not be without my world travellor!


The world traveller is also very noisy... I have one and it can be heard in the bedroom the other side of the house... But it is usefull that it works in other countries... I also have the omron U22, though I find this nebulises very slowly compared to the world traveller.


Thanks everyone! Im not sure which one I'll go for, I might ring Evergreens and see what they suggest. Or does anyone else know any other good suppliers that give good advice? It's kinda tricky it seems like there's nothing perfect!

I wonder if meds clogging filters is a common problem with the micro air. I'll give Evergreens a call on monday and see!

Thanks again!


I have worked my way through a variety of nebs over the years. The Omron Microair was my favourite for many years giving me great service, sadly my replacement wasn't as well made, and dear Evergreen were fab in sorting the problem, sadly cannot say the same of Omron. I currently have the Pariboy Mobile S also from Evergreen. Quieter that the Responisonics machine. The Omron will not cope in my own opinion with anything more than Ventolin, ventstreams are much better for this kind of medication delivery. I would chat to Evergreen I have found them to be the best, as they listen to your needs and don't sell you one make over another unlike Omron or Clement Clarke who will always insist their machines are the best. For unbiased advice go to Evergreen.


I would agree talk to evergreens. Although i actually get mine from healthcare4all as it is closer to my home . Healthcare4all are very good and like evergreen discuss your needs and do not recommend any brand above another. Sadly i think the best and quickest nebulisers are the noisier ones. I now call my nebuliser trouble monster. It often gets me in bother for some reason or other. I decided that if noisier works the best then i prefer noise and happy lungs. Choice is youra though!


I have 2 nebulisers, a noisy one on loan from the hosp and an omron microair which has been great. I use it mainly for ventolin, but sometimes atrovent. I try to use the loan one for the majority of the time and the omron when I don't want to wake everyone up. It has lasted for over 2 years with no replacement parts, but recently started leaking (down my neck!). I phoned Evergreen and they were again very helpful - instead of just selling me another mesh they told me how to check where the fault was. It was the mesh so I rang back and ordered a replacement mesh which arrived the next day. With the new mesh it is amazingly quicker. I hadn't realised how slow it had got. A bit of a rambling response, but in summary: try Evergreen.


Just an update. I called Evergreen and they suggest the Pari Mini / Miniboy because the MicroAir apparently won't cope with the Pulmacort. If I wasn't using the Pulmacort it seems there are way more options. I think what I might do is keep the Ventstream and try and get it serviced or something and then buy the Pari Mini for use when out and about. Hopefully if it's quieter I will be able to use it in the middle of the night instead of the Ventstream.

As usual Evergreen were super helpful and gave great advice. I'll be buying from them again.


hey!!! sorry im so late in flying by your post!!

but i thought i would just quickly chuck in that i have the microair u22 thingy one you asked about and i am also on pulmicort.

I have had it for over a year and ive not had to replace the filters or anything infact on it since ive had it.

ok granted i dont use it for every nebing session, but it has done me wonders for those middle of the night nebs.

i will say thought that it doesnt have the power behind it like a mains neb box but then that is to be expected. i think it took about an hour to do 2.5ml saly, 2.5ml ippy, 4mls pulmicort and 2.5ml saline.

i love it becaus ei can plan it where i can attach the mask to my face and nicely fall asleep whilst nebbing.

hope this helps and sorry again that im late with helping



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