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Problems with Clenil Modulite inhaler

I've been on Clenil for three years now but recently keep finding that the inhaler gets blocked and isn't providing the dose properly. I've had three different clenil inhalers do this. My latest I've only had a couple of weeks, so I know it's not low. I've tried rinsing the plastic in water to clean it, which worked for a couple of puffs, then blocked again. I've had this with both 100mg and 250 mg version.

Has anyone else come across this and can recommend a solution? I've been struggling to get my asthma back under control recently and need to be able to rely on my inhaler giving me the full dose.



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Finally, someone else experiencing the same problem as me! My clenil modulate 200mcg inhalers frequently block and I'm never sure I get the right dose which can lead to worsening symtoms. I wash them weekly but this makes no difference. These inhalers aren't cheap and I feel if we had to pay for them ourselves we would quickly be sourcing an alternative. I have need these inhalers daily and have done for many years now, can anyone advise what to do please?


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