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I think I may have asthma

Hello, I am new here but I believe I have been suffering from asthma lately.

In July I went on a stag do and drank a lot of 10% plus beer. I got back home and felt fine. That night I had intercourse, fell asleep and then woke up with what in hindsight seems to have been my first asthma attack. By standing up it seemed to go away and in the following week a bit wheezing returned only after exercise (note - not during exercise).

I went to my doctor and was referred to a chest specialist who did a load of tests. I slowly built up my exercise programme and it seemed to disappear, along with my final test which was inducing me with histamine until I felt it. Apparently you have to be 20% short in breathlessness to be diagnosed with asthma and I was at about 18%. I.e. negative. It hadnt occured for a while so I was happy to leave it at that.

Mid September I went on holiday abroad for a week. This included drinking every night (as you do), in general nothing over the top but probably 7-8 pints on average. I noticed towards a night time when I'd stopped drinking I would again be wheezy at the end of my intake where there seemed to be nothing there.

I've been back for three days and each night when I've laid on the sofa or bed it has returned (Again, only the end of my intake). In the morning it has also been there until If I stand or sit up for a few minutes and it doesnt occur until I'm back lying down.

I have a further appointment with my GP this week but I was wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms? Exercise / alcohol / very wet weather all seems to have had some effect on me in the past few month.

One thing I have noticed is the majority of times it happened (including the ""attack""), it has been pouring down with rain. Oh, and I'm 29, never has asthma before and there is no real history of it in my family.

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I was initially diagnosed last month with asthma, after noticing breathlessness, coughing, tight chest, after exercising and at various times. As far as I know no one in my family has asthma, but I do have history of hayfever

Best advice is to make a note of when & where you get the symptoms and take it along with you when you see either the GP and/or nurse. Google symptom/trigger diary, to get an idea, I put together one on excel so I know how many puffs I used (basically so I have an idea when the inhaler is running out).


I may have missed this in your post, but is do your symptoms only occur when you have alcohol? If so then maybe you're having an allergic reaction? Is there anything specific that makes you think it was an asthma attack?

I have no family history of asthma either and I still have it, loads of people are the same so history isn't majorly important.


You may be allergic to something in the alcohol that you are drinking. Allergies can change over time, as you may not have been allergic to it at some point, but might be now. Might be worth getting some allergy tests done. Asthma isn't in my family history either, but I was diagnosed with it when I was born. It's strange.


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