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Had asthma attack on Sunday night

Hello, not had an asthma attack for 15 years and not had one this bad before, feeling a bit lost really. I know i was bad when i was in the ambulance and hospital but not sure how bad, i have my discharge letter here and it says a whole bunch of stuff i don't understand like ""Sats were 96% on 85% oxygen""

I'm pretty sure i kept blacking out because i don't remember it all. I'm now at home but i feel really weak and my rib cage is really sore and tender. But what's worrying me the most is that i keep feeling really confused and spaced out. is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hello! :-)

An asthma attack is a scary thing especially when it involves ambulances and hospitals.

The 96% you mention is most likely your oxygen saturation levels. The hospital would normally get this with either a finger monitor or for a more accurate reading an arterial blood gas test which is a blood sample taken from the inside of your wrist.

The blacking out and confusion can happen for lots of reasons but should resolve itself fairly quickly after the attack is over and your peak flow is near normal.

I findthat after an attack I am extremely tired for a few days (how long depends on on how bad the attack was and wether I have a chest infection or similar) and the pain you describe is usually the muscles around your ribs as they take a bit of a pounding during am attack , I find paracetamol helps.


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