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This may come across as a bit of a moan but I am really running round the circles here. So, any advice is really appreciated.

I was not well last week and could not arrange to speak to my GP (this is not a first time this has happened and I am thinking of changing my GP as I should be able to get hold of a doctor when I am unwell), so I went to my local walk-in centre. I told the doctor there that I have been short of breath, wheezy and having chest pains. I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and told to go for an xray should the antibiotics not help. Well, the antibiotics have not been really improving things for for the past 4 days, in fact I started feeling worse!

I contacted my asthma team this morning and was told that yes, I should have an xray and I should go to my local a&e and ask for it. So, off I went to a&e, told them that I have been sent for an xray due to ongoing symptoms and concerns of spreading infection and what did I get? I was examined, put into a cubical, told that I need a steroid injection and nebs but there is no need for an xray because it is only asthma even thought I told them that I do not think it is asthma and I have certainly some infection.. an a&e doctor then told me that a chicken soup is good for me if I have any infection symptoms. Lol, simply no comments.

I got what I did not want and did not get what I wanted. So, I was thinking should I go back to my GP for the xray referral? I really start loosing faith in nhs sometimes.

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jabby, if you have an infection wouldn`t the antibiotics have worked?

hope you feel better soon


It's a LONG time since I was referred for an x-ray, but I kind of remember being given a form by my GP, which I had to take directly to the x-ray department (of course, that might be because our local hospital no loniger has an A&E department, but that's a different rant entirely) so there was no opportunity for an enthusiast to hijack me.

If you're worried, go back to your GP and ask for direct access to the x-ray department.


thank you for your replies. I have unfortunately ended up at different a&e today, have had an xray and indeed have a chest infection:-( was changed the antibiotics, given other meds too and hope this will do a trick. Wanted to keep me in for few days but I decided not to stay - i hope I can get better at home.


Arch, you poor thing. It's a major bugbear of mine that a&e's don't listen to people with asthma (although I suppose it happens with other chronic conditions too). I have actually totally given up on my local hospital because of it. It's so frustrating. I hope you start feeling better soon! I'm sure I'm talking to the converted but remember to take it easy!! Lots of lying in bed with DVDs!


Hope you feel better soon


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