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Advice needed

Hello I am Blue Iris and I joined here today. I do have asthma and was diagnosed with it

in the early 1990's. As with everyone I have had my ups and downs with it but the last 8 years I have had more downs.

I found out at work a few weeks ago that if we have Mondays or Friday off work we will get

a discipline. This has come about because some people were always taking these days off and apparently everyone who has these days off now gets punished.

I said that if I have an attack Sunday night/Monday morning or Thursday night/Friday morning I wouldn't be coming to work because it leaves me feeling so tired and sore and I need to recover. I got told to say this "" I am happy to have a discipline so long as you write down that I was off due to an asthma attack"".

Well I would not be happy to have a discipline and I don't see why I should accept it just because some people used these days as sickies when they were not sick. They said if they had to be disciplined then it should go right across the board. Unfair!

Last night I had to take ventolin because I was wheezing but I was concerned that if I was bad tonight and didn't go to work tomorrow I am going to be disciplined. Husband said not to worry about it but I am. In all my working life I have never recieved one.

Do I have to accept this or is there anything I can do about it? I am worried about this.

Thank you.

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You are probably best to get advice from your union if you belong to one or get advice from someone who deals with employment law.


Ditto to what Malawi says speak to an employment lawyer, atleast so you know where you stand. It maybe also wise to ask to speak to your employment's occuptational health worker, as well as your doctor, because your doctor could write to our employers and state that suffer from fatigue after an attack. I was a colleague representative in my old workplace, and they were wary of disaplining long-term illness sufferers. Sorry i can't be of more help its been nearly 3yrs


I would pre-empt any issues and speak to your HR officer and raise your concerns due to your long-term health problem.

You do not have to accept a disciplinarery and can actually raise a grievance about this new process before you have an issue with it if needed.

I would however try an 'informal' chat with HR first as this normally puts a stop to over zealous management decisions like these!!

Good luck.



Thank you very much for your replies. I do appreciate it as I have been worried about this issue.

I will do as advised and once again thank you so much.


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